Friday, October 29, 2010

blog hijacking in progress

Hi all, Nadie here.

Mum wanted me to let you all know that the reason for the lack of posts this week is that a couple of days after the wedding she came down with a rather nasty bug, which she initially thought was an exceptionally bad migraine. You really don't need the details, the main thing is that she is now on the mend, but still feeling too icky to be up for much.

If we look on the bright side, at least she didn't come down with it any earlier, since if she was contagious at the wedding I'd have it by now, and if she'd come down with it a few days earlier... well, lets just be grateful that she didn't!

Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!



Anonymous said...

Oh dear - Feel better SOONEST, Susan dear! Thanks Nadie for updating us - we worry, you know!

ozjane said...

Thanks Nardie and the wedding looked wonderful.
Take care Mother of Cat's Bear and goats.......apart from the other three big kids. All need you. And so do we. Hope you are soon feeling heaps better.

Donna Lee said...

I'm glad to hear that she is on the mend. You and your wedding party were lovely. I hope it was a happy day for you all (it looked it).
Feel better Susan!

Jessi said...

Oh, dear. Hope you feel better soon. And thanks Nadie for keeping us posted. He.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Susan, I hope you are soon on the mend! Please take, fluids, chicken soup - you know the drill! :-)

Thanks for letting us know, Nadie. Yes, we do worry when one of our favorite bloggers is silent too long!

lisette said...

poor lovey :( there seems to be a really horrible bug going around. hope you're feeling a LOT better really soon xxx

Alwen said...

Glad to see on FB you are starting to feel a bit better. Was this one of those rotten noroviruses like went around and cancelled my Christmas a couple years ago? Nasty things!