Sunday, October 17, 2010

That was the week that was

What follows are the somewhat disjointed ramblings that are about all I can produce in a fog of pre-wedding sleep deprivation.
6 hours sleep in 3 days
Wedding in one week.
Engage panic circuits!
Panic circuits engaged!

So here's the overview of the last few days:
Thursday - After lunchtime visit from some old quilting friends from Melbourne

David and I drove to Lilydale for the wedding rehearsal, and a lateish Chinese dinner afterwards, with Chris, Nadie and Natty, the Maid of Honour [ other bridesmaid, DIL Christina, having a 5 month old in tow needed to head for home

[ Like the way I managed to work in some cute bubby pix there ? ]
Home at midnight.
[ Bear ecstatic to see me ]

Friday - after roughly 2 hours sleep - went to Bendigo to pick up the wedding quilt [ and we'll go into a bit more about that AFTER the wedding, so that I don't ruin the surprise for our Bride & Groom, eh? ] - then home, and almost immediately back on the Freeway again and down to Kyneton to drop David off, and onto the train for the rest of the way as the weather by this stage was truly appalling.
Spent the trip sewing the picot edge of Nadie's newest shawl ... much to the evident amusement and/or concern of my fellow commuters.
I tell ya, if you want to make sure the seat next to you stays vacant on public transport, start wielding a lethal looking 4 inch long crowbar of a needle.

... and the reason for this second trip down in 24 hours? Had tickets to see one of our favourite musicals, RENT , with Nadie and #1 son. Possibly the only time ever that the three of us have been to the theatre together. The timing could've perhaps been a little better but the overall experience was ... just ... brilliant.

Thanks to some great driving by Nadie, I made the last train home by the skin of my teeth at midnight, then picked up the car, drove another half hour, and got in the door at 2am.
[ Bear ecstatic to see me ]

Saturday - back out the door at 2 pm for yet another 2 hour drive down to and through Melborne for Nadie's Hen's Night [ or Batchelorette party for my trans Pacific friends ]

I probably don't need to go into too much specific detail about what the show would be like at a theatre restaurant called Dracula's. Right ? You can probably make an educated guess.

Oh! Did I mention that dessert was choc chilli mousse in a little chocolate coffin complete with Dracula logo on the lid ?

home at 2.30 am.
and yes, Bear was ecstatic to see me. He is nothing if not consistent.

Went back to Kyneton today to pick up Dave, followed by supermarketing, dinner, a modest modicum of housework, and right now I have an appointment with my pillow.

I promise more coherent posts when I've caught up on some of those missing zzzzzzzs

and if you see one of the living dead shambling around Castlemaine this week, don't panic.
The zombies are not invading.
It'll just be me.


sososu said...

Wow, that was a weekend and a half. Hopefully weather next weekend will be more suitable for weddings. Had my daughter's 21st yesterday, just at berwick hotel for family. All went well, but very stressful. Good luck for next weekend and look forward to seeing the photos - sure it will all go well.

ozjane said...

That wedding has crept up......
Hope the M of Bride gear is all ready and organized....
I feel like I should know some of those ladies but like moi they are getting older.
Cute baby ...big open eyes.
You are reminding me of the Lakes Entrance years where it was nothing to race up and down the highway...and oh that it had been as it is now. But then my truck passing skills may not have evolved so well.
Love the banksia rose in the picture of your visitors.

Anonymous said...

Good gracious woman... you make me tired just reading that!