Saturday, October 09, 2010

sometimes my life sucks beyond the telling

it's been such a lo-o-o-ong week
some good stuff happened
some not-so [ which you largely don't need to know about ]

What I will tell you is that Ms Gwen [ introduced to you in the previous post ] celebrated her 90th birthday with a full-blown myocardial infarction [ that's a heart attack to we lay people ] and underwent double by-pass surgery 48 hours ago.
She has come through okay - so far - but I'm sure you all get why I haven't been exactly bubbling over with the zumba classes, birthday lunches with friends, the quilting and knitting et cetera, or even the wedding that is now only 2 weeks away!!

I definitely needed to restore my equilibrium:

My self prescribed remedy was tea-and-book-in-the-garden-with-animals. Friend Robyn dropped by and bought flowers ... red ranunculas ... and also lunch [ which we had in said garden with said animals ]

so today? Definitely not so suck-y


Rose Red said...

Hope Gwen continues to improve and things settle down for you as well.

ozjane said...

ditto to last comment
But looking at Bear on that lovely path......tell me you did not lay it......please?

catsmum said...

Fear not Ms Jane, the path was 'ere when I bought ze 'ouse :)
but 95% of the garden and all the stone walls - that I DID do!

gayle said...

Best wishes to Gwen for a full recovery.
A garden is the perfect restorative.

Alice said...

I hope Gwen recovers completely and you have many lovely visits yet to come.

Wedding only 2 weeks ..... relax, relax, relax !!!

Lisa L said...

Hang in there kiddo!