Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 days to go: gettin' there

Rather than show you an almost identical stretch of the 'quilt-inside-a-big-beige-and-black-sack-with-elephants-on', I'll content myself with telling you that I've just rounded the final corner of the hand sewing of the binding, so have one side, plus an equivalent length for the hanging sleeve [ or casing or rod pocket ] still to do ... and a label
Just as well it's nearly done because the phony gel nails go on tomorrow morning, and heaven alone knows whether I'll be able to wield a needle after that. Last time I had fake nails on I couldn't manage a needle if my life depended on it.

Today's completely unrelated pix are some of the [ mostly unidentified ] tiny wildflowers popping up all over the block.
Several of these I've never seen before ... maybe it's all that rain we've had lately.

This one I DO know - because they're positively everywhere at this time of the year ... known locally as 'Old Boy's Orchids', they are Waxlip Orchids, glossodia major.

This one is Common Rice Flower, pimelia humilis

The next three I have no idea - Marcie? Janine ? you've lived up here forever ... can you identify any of them ?
and gratuitous goats:


Marcie said...

re the wildflowers, I don't recognise the yellow one at all; the orchid is a Purple Bearded Orchid, the little white one is some kind of lily, I think.
For many years the blue waxlips were picked and used as table decorations at the annual Old Boys' Reunion in Castlemaine.

Ozjane said...

isn't rain wonderful. The Grampians would be lovely lately.....have been scanning old photos from there.

Sew sew sew.......remember you told me how many stitches per inch you could do, the first time I met you....I hated you with a deep dark hatred......till I got over it!
All the best for the wedding. Hugs to the beautiful bride.