Thursday, October 21, 2010

DIABETICS BEWARE: your weekly sweetness overload

Yes, Bear and I have been out to Emu Creek again.
Actually, he's still there ... having a wee holiday with his extended family until after The Wedding.
There have been no new goaty babies
so far this week, but some due possibly this weekend [ which I'll get to snuzzle when I go back to collect his Beariness ]
So in lieu of more brand new kiddy cuteness, here's last week's lot again:
L. to R Hannah, Montanna, Madonna , Mitchell - the lone little boy so far -
Susanne and Linni

and a Catsmum getting up very close and snuzzly with Madonna

and Madonna again with either Hannah or Montanna

yes ... I know ... you don't have to say anything ... one of PND's grand daughters named them

and Bear sizes up Ms Susanne
so I can die content now. I have a goat named after me :)


Doris Sturm said...

There's just nothing sweeter than baby animals (to me)...lucky you!

Have a great day and try to get something done ;-)

Northmoon said...

So Cute!! and I think the names are all perfect.

Alwen said...

I think "Hannah, Montanna, Madonna, Mitchell, Susanne and Linni" sounds like the chorus of a song (sweet! of course!) by a girl band.