Thursday, March 18, 2010

Triffid in my garden

The Code Id Da Dose has passed along with the 2 day migraine that followed it, but my post-migraine fuzzy brain isn't up to clever word craft, so I'm just going to content myself with showing you this pseudo-alien life form which looks as though it may have sprung from the pages of John Wyndham's classic novel

I have some unusual looking things in my garden but the Ox-Tongue Lily would have to be one of the strangest.
The waxy-looking flower pushes its way out of the soil over several days, followed a couple of weeks later by the big, fleshy leaves that give it its name. So far it's just the one flower... that greenery belongs to an adjacent succulent.


Donna Lee said...

That is a strange looking flower but so pretty when it finally blooms.

I'm glad you're slowly rejoining the land of the living.

Bengigirl said...

That is the wierdest looking flower I have seen, but I love the colour.

Lynne said...

Very weird looking! I was expecting something monstrous when I read the word "triffid"!

Jan said...

We have a triffid tree in teh front yard which is reaching for the skies and triffid blackberries in the back yard growing down from the trainline. I can sit and watch them grow. This is inner city Sydney, not the bush!

That flower is a truly beautiful colour.

Hope you improve quickly. I wonder if it's the same lurgy as is going around up here. I thought it was a cold but the killer headache made me wonder. Then I heard of others and the headache seems to be an identifying symptom. I haven't had a migraine in a couple of years and was annpoyed when I woke up with one, but it seems to be part of the illness. I know several people who've had it.

Nothing I took even looked like ameliorating the headache.

Bells said...

how freaking cool is that!!

Nadie said...

is it weird that this reminded me of that episode of x-files where people inhaled the weird spores from the volcanic expedition and then the fungi burst out their throats?

catsmum said...

Not at all Nadie - although mine's a lot prettier and has shown no signs of a predatory parasitic nature as yet :]

Alice said...

That lollypop turned into a beautiful flower. Nature is wonderful.