Friday, March 26, 2010

Can't See The Forest For The trees

Ta Da!!

pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence
March 13 - 26
Yarn: Wollemeise Saami overdyed in Landscapes Marine - the yarn was a post-Ravelympic prize from the lovely Sonia [ aka indefiknit on ravelry ]
Needles: KP Harmony 5mm and 6mm to cast-off

modifications to the pattern - none really - just did some extra repeats of the lace pattern to make it bigger, and left out the last two rows of the border - Wollemeise is not something you waste so I was determined to use it all. THIS

is how much I had left the second time I cast-off [ the first time was just a little looser and the yarn didn't quite go the distance ]

I'm prepared to admit that I was a bit concerned about the rust/red pooling in two places on the centre back - not enough to pull it out though

- and it really doesn't show now that it's had a bath and been blocked and dried.

If I ever get access to a set of blocking wires I'll probably reblock the edge points a little more aggressively but for now 't'is fine.
I certainly don't want it any bigger:
It measures 1.8 m /72 inches across the wingspan and 90 cm /36 inches deep at the centre back


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

That is beautiful work. I can crochet granny squares and thats it. Have always loved the fancier stuff. Lovely colours in the fibre too.

Rose Red said...

You did such a great job dyeing the yarn, and it looks fantastic knitted up! And excellent usage of the entirety of the yarn!! Beautiful!

catsmum said...

yes RR, I scored the wollemeise from Indefiknits after the Ravelympics and she said that she had no problems with me overdyeing it, so I did!
Originally it was cream, yellow-orange, orange, bright red and cobalt, and while it felt naughty to tamper with Wollemeise, I just bit the bullet and did it.

Donna Lee said...

That is such a pretty pattern and you and the yarn certainly did it justice. And aren't you brave overdying Wollemeise? (it is just yarn after all, right?)

Caprifool said...

You can use stainless steel welding wires for blocking. Much cheaper than blocking wires. Good job on the shawl. I like the colors together.

Alwen said...

Wow! And look at the little snippet you had left! I guess you didn't waste an inch.

catsmum said...

Thanks caprifool - I did know about TIG weilding wires - just haven't found anyone in this tiny town who stocks 'em.

Lynne said...


Lindi said...

That's divine! Reminds me of moonlight, romance and prettily patterned big moths (the beautiful sort)

Kylie said...

Susan it's just so beautiful. And nothing was wasted =)

Bengigirl said...

Sigh, ahhhhh,love it so much sigh