Thursday, March 25, 2010

I had the best day

... on Monday.

Nadie and The Boy and assorted grandkittens had arrived after teatime Sunday

The Boy spent the day installing my new computer, which has more than 3 times the capacity of its predecessor and is sooooo much faster ... and it looks just so much sleeker. It's a bit of a shame about my shabby grey speakers, but they still work fine so they're staying for now.
Okay, yes, it will probably take me a while to get used to all the differences, but so far I'm loving it.
Anyway, the other thing that made Monday a very good day was Nadie announcing that she wanted to make a baby quilt as a gift.
In the past she's mostly made miniature quilts, so this is a step up
She knows without asking that my stash is hers - so she did [ ask that is ]
likewise a sewing machine - my little Elna Lotus - given that it's the one that she already has a tentative relationship with [ having nearly trashed it about 10 years ago while making a fully jointed bear from black ack-crylic fake fur ]
She chose the fabricsI did the cutting [ with' help' from Oakley ]

but she's doing the sewing.

There may need to be some Mum input along the way - and in any case I want to share the process with her - so she's only doing just 'so much' at home between visits.

Being able to share one of my passions with my daughter is a pretty damn good feeling !


Lindi said...

Sharing any activity or interest with a daughter is fun, but quilting would certainly be up near the top of the list when it comes to favourites! My own favourite shared activity at the moment is baby shopping! lol

Marcie said...

I'm so pleased for you, it really is the best feeling when a daughter (or granddaughter) decides to follow in your textile footprints.
There's something about being able to pass on what you've learned, and share the joy of Making Something.

Rose Red said...

It's very cool! My mum was here last week and we sat and knitted together every day.

The quilt is looking great so far!

Lynne said...

Having just discovered that quilting is something DD and I can do together; I can imagine how excited you must be!

And she has the joy of knowing that all the fabrics she has chosen are pre-washed and ironed (a job I also ended up with!! LOL)

ozjane said...

Wow kids and computers and cats as well.....almost all the good things except for plants and dark Belgium chocolate and books and
Oakley is just so helpful.....
At least he is not sleeping.
I can turn around and have not heard anything and she with bells on has managed to get up on the high cutting table and sleep in the middle of all the mess.
We decided sit and sew today was essential to our being...

Donna Lee said...

I love sharing my crafts with my daughters. It feels like passing down a tradition (even if i'm the one who started the tradition).

Nadie has a good eye for color. It's a beautiful set up.

Alwen said...

Ha, that's great! And her quilt has cat-approval, too.