Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cough! Hack! Splutter!

Please excuse me.
I'm trying not to swallow this
and while I realise that it looks like at least a kitten or two's worth of fur, fear not, gentle reader... I'm not completely denuding the local feline population and I'm not taking up cat-hair spinning. Not yet anyway.
This represents the merest tiny fraction of the hair that has just been liberated from Oakley's very elderly, difficult-to-groom and very fragile hide.
All appearances to the contrary:

he totally approves of the new you-beaut whiz-bang pet comb that I found for the massive budget-breaking sum of $4.95 [!!] in the cheapie bargain shop over at Daylesford today.

Despite its fearsome appearance, it's not too sharp, not too soft ... It's just right.

and if you've ever had to cut matted hair off an arthritic pet that can't properly groom itself anymore, you'll understand why I think this is blog-worthy news.

Not that I drove 50 km each way to buy a pet grooming implement.

Jeanette and I actually headed that way for a session of recreational knitting with the other Purl's Princesses [ and you thought that this was actually a knit-free post ? Ha! ]
but in the interests of your collective sanity, I'll just settle for showing you the half metre of Japanese cat fabric that followed me home

- how cute is this ?
It's a fairly sturdy drill fabric, probably a bit too heavy for a quilt
what do you think? shopping bag maybe ?


Rose Red said...

Oh my, that's a lot of cat hair! An excellent grooming implement indeed.

The fabric is great - I think a bag is a most excellent idea.

sue said...

Wow I may need one of those brushes for my long haired Jack Russell. She does not like getting brushed due to the fact that every prickle in the backyard seems to settle on her fur! The fabric is quite cute, a bag would be a great idea or a needle holder bag, or a knitting bag, lots of possibilities!

Marcie said...

I want one of those combs!
Love the fabric, it would make a lovely bag, but I can't resist - how about a cushion stuffed with Oakley's locks?

ozjane said...

As I used the velvet lint remover brush on the not mine pillow on the bed I gathered such a pile of soft stuff that it almost went into an envelope to say.....hey spin this.
Same result tonight when I had to remove the fur before washing the pillow...and then Ms Moggie had great fun curling up under the warm fitted sheet from the dryer....say nothing about a cupboard full of other sheets...these were going back on for some reason. I fitted the sheet and left her there.
Tis her favorite sport. Takes about 2 seconds to wriggle its way out.
She has stopped sulking and decided that she loves Mummy again......about bloomin time..she hung out for a day and a half...did not think she could manage the disdain.....LOL.

Alwen said...

I need a comb like that. Between Ajax's short undercoat that won't shed out on its own, and Truffles' poofy one, I am forever grooming them!

Lindi said...

Love the fabric! Definitely says bag, but not an ordinary shopping bag. I'd use it as the feature fabric and add a touch of those blues and a little bit of that gold/brown colour. Plus a similar cat button or outline stitchery somewhere.

*my word verification is sonsiumi - sounds like a Japanese cat name to me. lol

Jan said...

A bag would be good. If it's heavy enough how about upholstering something like a kitchen chair? Or perhaps lining a basket to show off some stash in?

We get heaps of fur from our Abyssinian and she's extremely shorthaired.

Jan said...

Double comment I know, but thought that comment validation word of "fleat" was just too good to pass by, seeing as we have been discussing cats!

Lynne said...

Ah, yes! A shopping bag (or some other kind of bag) sounds purr-fect! (sorry LOL)

Donna Lee said...

I love the cat fabric. It would made a wonderful shopping bag.

And I think the 'shrink stuff' is intersting. I've seen shrink wrap where you use a hair dryer to shrink wrap a package but never stuff you sew to fabric. It gave an interesting effect. It made me want to touch it.

Anonymous said...

Late post please forgive me. Has to be a knitting bag of some sorts.
Thank goodness I don't have to worry about the cat grooming, just the dog.
Would you like some Australian Shepherd fur with that?

Mistea said...

Exceptionally cute fabric. Glad your trip was for some quality recreational activity rather than just to find the perfect pet grooming implement. Enjoy