Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I guess you had to be here

I just had one of those " Oh damn, where's the camera?' moments ...
As with the echidna incident last week, Mr Bear sounded the alarm from his favourite outside-watching position on the back of the couch [ sofa]
and with a small ballistic missile threatening to launch, I opted for the safest course of action - I opened the door and stood back, figuring that he was off to engage in his ongoing battle with his arch-nemeses, the maggies.
small dog explodes through door and crosses stage left barking hysterically

slight pause accompanied by duet for disturbed-magpies-and-canine


large hare careens into view heading stage right

followed by the biggest freakin' fox I've EVER seen

followed by His Beariness in full warcry

which makes me kinda glad that there's no rabies in Australia - let's hear it for our draconian quarantine laws!


Lizzie said...

Here here, I second that one!!

Lynne said...

Oh yeah, me too!

It must have been quite a sight.

Alwen said...

One of those moments where you wish you had the head-mounted instacam!

I've only ever seen one fox here, many years ago. Mostly we have coyotes.

Our big rabies carriers are bats and skunks.

(And both of the dogs are vaccinated.)

ozjane said...

Who won......?
the bloomin fox as usual?

Lindi said...

rofl! what a sight!