Friday, March 19, 2010

Just loving the macro button on Friday

It's technically Autumn but you wouldn't know it.
Not up here anyway
So here's a little of what's out and about at the moment
[ with added comments for Alwen ]

This first is one of the taller Plectranthus ... no idea which one , and it would be about 75cm/30 inches tall. you can see two types of leaf in the pic. The smooth ovoid ones belong to a ficus that shares the same pot. A cutting from the previous neighbours, Brenda and PND

and this second one - which I consider one of the triffids - is a succulent of some sort, another cutting from Brenda and PND.

It's about eight inches tall

Now this next one is a Bromeliad of some sort and although I'd never seen this particular one before, and bought two of them last weekend at the Farmer's Market - and apparently paid too much into the bargain - it turns out that just about everyone I know " could've given you one!"
and " just threw out a whole bunch "
Bromeliads are naturally more of a tropical plant so have to be a bit sheltered from the frosts.
Mine are all in pots on the verandah or in the shadehouse cunningly disguised as a cat-run.

This little daisy-like annual was here when I moved in and I just think of it as an Easter Daisy.
Not doing too well on the naming-stuff-for-Alwen am I ? LOL

and last for this post is a pretty pink Sedum - and hey, big surprise, I don't know what IT'S called either

Trust me.
There is a whole lot of stuff in this garden that I can name ... and I've worked out what most of the wildflowers in my patch of bushland are.

Just not this lot.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures give me hope that my flowers will soon start blooming. Then I will know that spring is really here.

vicki said...

Susan - I am new to your blog - but so happy to have found you. I have so enjoyed my visit! You and I could have some serious conversations about yarn stashes! I love your creations and crafts - you are very inspiring! Love your kitty pictures - (we have 4 that own our house!). I am saving your blog and will be back for another visit soon. I jusr feel at home here---


Donna Lee said...

Your flowers are still so colorful. I'm waiting for ours to get the hint and start their blooming.

Lynne said...

Lovely photos - thanks for sharing. Our Japanese anenomes are in bud, one of the dwarf camellias is flowering and the miniature roses are all in bloom so there are little pockets of colour all over the yard.

Our first attempts at quilting are not going so well!

Alwen said...

Gorgeous (and barely a one known to me!)

Jan said...

Your bromeliad grew in our last garden by the hundreds. Deep shade, extreme windy cold conditions but no frost there. It's a triffid too.

Bernadette said...

very pretty, I also just took a photo of my "easter daisy"