Monday, December 21, 2009

no they're not here yet

the A/C guys didn't turn up again, even though I was assured at 9 am that it was happening today - embarrassed phone call from the poor harassed girl in the office at 1 pm to confirm what I'd already managed to work out: They weren't coming.
What a surprise.
Ahh well, I guess , in the grand scheme of things, my undecorated-for-Christmas house is not the end of the world [ but it certainly doesn't feel very much like Christmas ]

Yesterday, being grandson's third berfday, David and I spent what seemed like half the day in the car, driving down to Melbourne, picking up MIL, and then out to Berwick.[ almost a three hour trip each way once you factor in picking up Grandma ]
The 'Not-going-to much-trouble-because pregnant-DIL is-so-exhausted-so-just-grandparents-Dave-and-Nadie' had morphed into 'everyone we ever knew and their kids'

net result: one totally over-stimulated little man who wouldn't come near me or his carefully thought out presents

So basically a very long day - and especially so for Bear who spent it shut in La Casa Caprine, aka the goat shed ... without goats ... which was infinitely preferable to him being inside for 8 hours without a loo break but not much fun

Edited to add:
late breaking news!!
Dateline: Tuesday December 22, 8.30 am - they're here, they're here !!!!!


ozjane said...

It is almost becoming post operative blues for you up there.
I do have a dammit doll....shall I send her and you can pretend she is an air con man and stick pins in!
I wanted one for my bedroom and have not had the energy to go and check cost of installation on top of advertised prices. I did have one come to the house quote but suspect they were at the high end.
I would be able to shut down the rest of the house on hot nights if I had a bedroom one as it has 3 outside walls and you feel the heat on the carpet as you walk in there. But it cannot be too bad as I have not yet made the effort.
Hope the rotters come before Christmas....and do it proper.

Donna Lee said...

It sounds odd to me as I sit here and look out at 2 feet of snow to hear you are (still) waiting for the a/c guy. I hope he comes soon!

That's a beautiful photo of the little guy. What a cutie (and what a pretty mom he has)

Lindi said...

Such a long day! You must have been disappointed not getting all the cuddles you deserve from your Grandson, after such a long drive.
I do hope the a/c guys get there today and get it all rolling for you. DD is having probs getting hers installed, too. Maybe it's the sort of job that attracts unreliable types!

sue said...

Now do you charge them for putting the a/c in since they took so long to arrive. Hope it is finished in time for you when the hot weather hits tomorrow!