Monday, December 14, 2009

Can I have a whine with that?

the A/C guys didn't arrive today
huge surprise
They DID at least have the decency to ring - after lunch - and are now coming Monday next week ... sometime ... maybe
A handfull of days before Christmas ?
I'm not at all sure that I believe them, and I'm feeling more than a bit put upon as it's supposed to be hot later this week and functioning a/c would've been nice
... and of course I put off the Chrissie decorating because they were coming 3 weeks ago , 2 weeks ago, last week. today ... hardly seems worth bothering now

grump grump grump
grizzle whinge

oh blow the lot of 'em
I'm going to decorate my bedroom ... now ... and they can just cope with it!


ozjane said...

Rotten so and so' say it nicely.
Should have a clause in the contract re penalties if failure to show up.
I was going to get one put into my bedroom but must admit I cannot be bothered with the would save on power in the long run.
But it involves shopping....and waiting.
My only suggestion is to make something new to mark the Christmas you could not decorate.

Jan said...

Let me guess.. Does this involve something under warranty for which they will get little, rather than paying them heaps for separate costs for installation etc?

Wonder how they'll feel if plumbing goes on them and they can't get a plumber for days on end?

catsmum said...

Jan m'dear, this is totally new A/C + heating because the existing A/C was cactus, got fixed and is cactus again and there's a limit to how much I'll spend on fixing the beggar [ although, to be fair, it's the goats that caused it to die the second time ]
plus after the surgery I'm not supposed to chop wood again - EVER - hence the need for alternative heating ...
but I'm still going to use my chainsaw !!!