Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabulous Friday [ Christmas ] Fotos

Well, I did finally get that celebratory coffee - except it wasn't a coffee at all, but rather a Dragon [ chilli-flavoured ] Chai - when I met Marcie and Jeanette at the Coffee Bean this morning, and a nice time was had by all. Strangely enough, given that all three of us are quilters, I don't recall there being any quilty conversation, other than a mention of the quilt group's Christmas GTG last weekeend, that both Jeanette and I missed. I know we talked about blogging and family and Christmas and my birthday or lack thereof, and yes, okay, I will admit to a certain amount of cursing the A/C installers who theoretically are arriving at 8am Monday

... anyway, moving on to today's visual component: some more images of the decos in my bedroom, seeing it's the only bit properly decorated.

Saint Nick with his patchwork cloak which you totally can't see so you have to take my word for it that he's wearing an outfit pieced together from many different cream fabrics,

and assorted cream angels - heavy on the lace and vintage buttons

now this particular angel, with the fine embroidery on satin, I didn't make. She was a gift from my friend Peggy, and all the more precious because Peg passed away some years ago

you can also see the vintage/antique ivory stiletto and the tiny quilt stencil that I bought in Paducah, KY, in 1996. I also have an even tinier version of it ... somewhere ... which is only about an inch high and therefore very easily misplaced

... old knitting gauges, mercury glass, pewter angels, and a garland made of vintage-style buttons

AND finally:
this wonderful icicle which is all of ten inches long

my Christmas present from Jeanette. For now it's hanging from the light fitting in my room but I suspect it will move into the Big Room next year.


lisette said...

wow - it looks so beautiful :) glad you're getting some decorating in....

Alwen said...

I always think you are pretty heroic with the heat you get. No AC and 104 F! At least in the cold we can layer on the woollies.

TinkingBell said...

Love the christmas pictures from your house - it is starting to feel that it wouldn't be christmas without them - love the icicle!

have a lovely christmas!