Friday, December 11, 2009

Ending on a High ... Note

It has to be said that my day started on a definite low note when Bear chose to wake me up at the positively ungodly hour of 5am.
The method chosen for this early morning wake-up call was novel to say the least:
He threw up all over my bed - quilt, pillows, sheets, the lot - and then on the carpet beside the bed.
Not a sound that you really want to hear at any time but somehow worse on the downside of dawn.
He had obviously been eating the dry cat food. The reddish brown cat food.
... which was now on my pale pink and green handmade quilt !

I am not at my best at 5am

I will admit to thinking some less than sweet thoughts about my furry little buddy's antecedents [ and you have to admit he is a son-of-a-bitch ]
Cut to some hours later, by which time I had washed the bedding - two loads - and hung it to dry. Care to guess how much my quilt weighs dripping wet ? and it became apparent that the A/C guys were no show. Again.

Bugger that for a joke

I refused to spend the day waiting for guys that were not going to arrive, so I jumped in the car and headed for deepest darkest Bendigonia [ or Spendigo as 't'is also known ] and suddenly my day was looking a lot brighter.
First stop Bunnings [ big box hardware store ]
Always good
Then on to Long Gully and some fabric acquisition at Honeysuckle Patchwork.
Next, round to visit my friend - and fabulous longarm quilter par excellence - Jodi Abel, and to collect one of my quilts ready to be bound.

I did turn the car for home at this point ... truly I did ... but it is an unfortunate fact that, to get from Jodi's place back onto the road to Castlemaine, one needs must pass within a block of the Bendigo Woollen Mills and its magic back room of super special discounted yarn.

I'm afraid those woolly pheromones seaped out onto the Highway and ambushed me.

so: fabric, yarn, and a trip to the Hardware store ... all good.

and tonight?
David and I in company with the rest of the Peace Choir and many other wonderful singers, have just spent the last three hours, singing, listening, reflecting and eating at the Peace Concert for Christmas.

My day, that began so inauspiciously, has ended on the highest of high notes

and once I upload the photos, I'll tell you all about it, in slow and excruciating detail, on the morrow.

and the A/C guys are - maybe - coming on Monday.


lisette said...

sounds wonderful aaprt for the canine dyspepsia... and yarn pheromones are so powerful they seep through the ether and grab you via the internet

as for those chancy air con guys - oy vay!!

The Boy said...

I hope the photos won't be of Bear's handiwork. XD

Alwen said...

Urgh, that will get me out of bed in a hurry!

Glad you (and Bear, too, I hope!) are feeling better!

Rose Red said...

Oh gosh, sorry for the icky start to your day - there is pretty much no worse sound than vomiting, gick. But lucky you live so close to Spendigo (love it!!) and that you had such a glorious end to the day.