Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Better Late than Never

Yesterday was forecast to be as hot as Hades. Today was going to be hotter than Hades,
So when did the A/C guys turn up to spend two days climbing around inside my roof? Yes, 8.30 yesterday morning !
Bear was thrilled: so many people to bark at hysterically

The temperature inside the tin roof was probably around 50C for much of the day [ 120 something F ] - well it would have to have been because it got to over 40C outside today and I guess we all know what tin roofs are like - but the installers had procrastinated so many times that they had run out of options, and someone higher up the chain of command had decreed that it was going to be done by Christmas, come hell or high water.

Of course all this work entailed the power [ and therefore the fans which, ineffective though they might be, are normally marginally better than nothing ] being shut off for most of yesterday.
It was 'orrible
and last night offered little in the way of relief because the house had heated up to the point where it just wasn't going to cool down
and did I care ?
well ... honestly ... yes,
but not as much as I would have normally
because today would see the end of days like that

Nadie and Chris and the Grandkittens arrived for the holidays at about 1.30

by 2.30pm the guys were getting ready to go and the coooooooooooooooool was on!

umm mostly

they will need to come back because one of the fan units was faulty [ which they know about ] and also - and a totally separate issue - the airflow to 2 of the bedrooms is minimal [ which they don't know about, but will fix if they expect to get paid ]

Barring some major tinkering with time-and-space [ where's The Doctor when you need him? ] it would be a physical impossibility to do 10 days worth of seasonal decorating in the one day left before Christmas
but I gave it a seriously good try:
Let the celebrating commence!


crazyhaberdasher said...

I am so glad to hear that Christmas has finally arrived at the Iacuone household...!!!! .... and that you didn't completely lose your cool ..!!
Merry Christmas to all and have a great day!! Love from the Clark's! XXX

Rose Red said...

I am SO GLAD you have your aircon - FINALLY. While I don't wish anyone to work in such hot conditions, you are totally right, they left it for so long that they really had to cop whatever the conditions were.

And hurrah for Christmas arriving, and the family too. Hope you have a lovely COOOOOOL Christmas day.

Lindi said...

I think those air con guys just reaped something called karma! :)

Have a fabulous Christmas, Susan. All the best to you and your family. I have so enjoyed being invited to share the year with you. I hope 2010 is filled with wonderful things for you all!

Lizzie said...

Well done you, I think I would have lost the plot a while ago. Have a safe and happy Christmas.

lisette said...

talk about the last gasp!! so glad you got the air-con done and some decorating - NOW it feels like Christmas :)

mwah and hugs and coolth xxx

Snowcatcher said...

What a contrast for someone in Colorado. Your sweltering hot temps and the lovely Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing!

Merry Christmas!

Marcie said...

I share your delight, my new aircon went in on Tuesday - BLISSful! Of course it's cool now anyway, but come January we'll be Cool Cats!
That's a pretty good decorating effort BTW. BLessings of the Season to you and yours, xo Marcie

Alwen said...

Oh, boy, can we sympathize - both with the barking hysterically and the "this doesn't feel like Christmas".

The dogs barked and barked at the roofers hammering new shingles on, and last Christmas norovirus was making the rounds of my husband's family, so - no Polish Christmas Eve at his aunt's. We didn't know what to do with ourselves.