Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In The Doghouse

You can tell that Bear has been raised by cats!

As you know, he's been having a holiday with his mum and sister out at Pete-and-Brenda's and I wanted my boy home again.
PND and Brenda would've been more than happy to drop him off when they come through town on Wednesday, but as far as Nadie's concerned, there's that whole issue of multiple cute baby goats to be snuzzled, so yesterday, driving very sedately in order to save my fragile innards, we progressed to Emu Creek and the waiting paws of Mr Bear.
I fully expected to have to deal with a semi-hysterical mamas boy overjoyed at being reunited with his human family.
I expected joyous barking and jumping and ... well you get the picture, right ?
Can you say "Cold shoulder"?
Like I said, Bear has been raised by cats and I think we all know what happens when one leaves one's moggy.
One gets ignored ... firmly and pointedly
and so I was, until I had learned the error of my ways.
Eventually he deigned to acknowledge my existence - briefly - but it didn't last very long, and then he was off with the family for some last minute doggy bonding and the ritual chasing of the magpies.
In the meantime, the aforementioned goaties were indulging in some major Nadie-snuzzling
They obviously enjoyed the process because there was a mass attempt to follow us back to the house for lunch - neatly foiled by Brenda and Nadie - while I stood by being completely useless in my current post-hospital inability to lift even a couple of kilos of baby goat, and Pete?
Well, he was otherwise occupied, sitting in with Ms India who was in labour.
[and the rotten little bugger waited until we left to produce her two little does and a buck ... so of course, we'll just have to go visit again next week before Nadie goes home ]

Lunch involved the ingestion of soup, biscuits and home made creamy goats cheese ... drool

When it was time to say our goodbyes, and Bear realised that he was going to have to leave his 'pack', the ears and tail went down and he attempted to hide behind 'grampa' Pete ... I'm trying hard not to take it personally. Maybe he just doesn't like the car.

the visit may have been just a little premature and I've been paying for it today so the next day or so will involve nothing more strenuous than the ingestion of David's birthday cake [ version two ]


Anonymous said...

GET BACK IN THAT BED RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT!! Goodness gracious me, I take my eye off you for half a second and you're off gadding about the countryside!

Seriously, hon, don't overdo!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Are you referring to Bear or yourself about being in the "doghouse"! YOU must take care.

catsmum said...

Me, Maz!
both with Bear for having deserted him and in the sense that I don't do bed rest very well [ or even couch rest ]

Anonymous said...

I could say you naughty lady, but who could not indulge in a little naughtiness to bring 'Bear' home and indulge Nadia in Goat Snuggles. I would have done the same.

But now it is time to TRY and relax and rest. Your bear is home!

Bernie said...

You look wonderful and Nadie is a real beauty.....loved every photo, but please don't over do it Susan, you will take longer to heal..take care......:-) Hugs

ozjane said...

All is well in the world....Bear is home......his Mummy is home and I trust continuing to get better
and Moggie has her Mummy home too.
She has attatched herself to me as to a limpet.
Oh has she missed her still rather fragile Mummy who is doing this because it is too quiet to sleep....after two weeks in hospital grumbling about noise....now I cannot settle.
Women really are different.
Fabulous......but different.
Hugs from us to you and yours.