Thursday, September 17, 2009

she's in da house

So my loves, what do we know now that we didn't know 8 days ago?
...well, for one, we know I have some dear and good friends IRL and on these here innernets
- no, wait
- I knew that!

...that my daughter is a fabulous woman ?
- definitely knew that

... that small country towns are supportive wonderful places to live ?
- no, wait
- knew that too!

... that having three major surgeries in one hit is a wee tad unpleasant?
- think we all called that one, yes?

... oh yes, I know!
- finding out you have an adverse reaction to morphine after you've been on it for 6 days and throwing up your toes the whole time is never going to be a good thing [ the Hospital Pharmacy Director's reaction when she updated my 'adverse reactions' file was ... "you're onto page 2 now!" Probably not how I best want to be known LOL ]

yup that's about the sum of my insights for this week

except for this addendum - if you want a realistic yardstick of how I was doing:
- It took me 6 days to get out my knitting bag. What does THAT tell you ? Even when Ms Tara came for a visit and knitted on her gorgeous lace shrug, even then ... nada... niente .... nuzzink


Anonymous said...

Susan, I'm so glad you are home and appear to be doing well following your surgery. Your daughter was such a sweetheart to keep us all posted.

I know what you mean about the adverse reaction to the morphine as I had that too. Not pleasant throwing up your toes when you have incisions to consider. :-(

Best wishes!

Jan said...

Glad you are home. Take it easy and take all the help offered. Not just now, but for quite a while.

My sister had a nasty reaction to morphine too, throwing up non-stop for days and days. She was told later that it was not so much the morphine but the combination of a particular anaesthetic with the morphine. Several subsequent cancer surgeries have been OK as they changed the anaesthetic.

Get lots of rest.

Anonymous said...

Just loving to hear you are home, and are going to relax.

Oh Morphine is my friend.

Alice said...

Glad you're home, Susan, and that you didn't get rid of everything...your sense of humour is still intact.

Rest easy, dear....and while you're at it you can make plans to go and see 'Fledermaus' in Melbourne next May....'coz guess who's back singing with Opera Australia????

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home safe and sound!

(And I lost your snail addy in the Great Computer Rebuild of 2009... please send again?)

Tara said...

Gladness you are home hunny. And glad you sound (as much as one can 'sound' while typing) upbeat.

No blog updates from me because I have not finished the shrug yet (although I am close) and we all know how superstitious I am about the 'progress shot'. Tee hee!

Glad Nadie is looking after you gorgeous, will come visit soon, when you are feeling up to it :)

Rose Red said...

Glad you are home and hopefully now doing much better - it was really good to read Nadie's updates.

Hope you feel a bit more like knitting (or quilting) now.

Alwen said...

Glad to hear you are safe at home, and I guess you are "Susan in stitches" in a different sense for a while!

Blessings each day said...

Thought you were undergoing only one major surgery...did they leave you any organs at all???

Glad to hear you are doing better but so sad about the morphine ordeal. Why on earth didn't they 'catch' on after the first day??

blessings and healing hugs,


Robbyn said...

Oh yay!!! I'm so glad you're home. I'm really sorry to hear about your morphine reaction - not fun at all, I'm sure :(

Now you make sure you take it easy and rest when you need to and all that...

But keep writing! We missed you, see?

Lots of hugs :)

Anonymous said...

So very glad that you are home. Echoing the lots of rest and moving gently. Berta in Texas

Anne-Marie said...

So glad you are home and feeling better!

Bernie said...

Welcome home Susan! I am so happy for you, sorry about the morphine reaction....I itch so badly everytime they give it to me I think I would rather the pain.
Please rest and take care, and thank your daughter for keeping us updated. Still in my prayers my friend.....:-) Hugs

Sheepish Annie said...

I am just so glad that it is over for you. I cannot imagine how horrible it must have been to be so sick and dealing with stitches all at the same time. You are a trouper, that's what you are!!!

Welcome home!!!

Anonymous said...

I learned to ::hate:: morphine too. ::hugs to you, woman:: And yes, I have go agree w/other posters, your daughter rocks :)