Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another update

Hello again!

I spoke to mum this morning, and she should be out of hospital on Thursday. That's when I'm headed up so it actually works out quite well. She has a bit of a temperature at the moment but is otherwise doing well.

Thanks for all your comments, its good to see so many people care about her :)

- Nadie


Bernie said...

So happy to hear your mum is doing so well, hope her temperature comes down and that she is home by Thursday. Still keeping her in my heart and prayers and am so happy she has such a wonderful daughter, hope your brother and the animals are doing well.....:-) Hugs

lisette said...

thanks nadie - tell susan we love her and we're all sending good gentle get well vibes and hugs

Alice said...

Hi Nadie - so pleased to hear that your Mum is coming along well, despite the slight temperature.

I'm sure she'll be so pleased to get back home, especially if you are going to be looking after her.

I hope she continues to improve each day, doesn't do anything silly like lifting things, but lies back and plans all the wonderful things she will be able to create in the future.

She can check my blog for news of 'the Boy', but I will email her with more news too.

Robbyn said...

Boo for the temperature but YAY for the coming home :) Good thoughts constantly in transit - and again, many thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Anonymous said...

That is great news about coming home. Bear and the other fur family will be missing her. And I am sure she is missing them.

Remind her to rest. Love and gentle recuperating hugs.

Anonymous said...

yeah, your mom is a pretty cool lady.. we like her *grin*.

Prayers for speedy recovery.


sue said...

I am glad everything went well for your mum. Send her my best wishes for a speedy recovery and I am sure she will be glad to be home with her loved ones. I hope the temperature isnt making her feel too horrible.

Donna Lee said...

She'll rest so much easier at home. I'm glad it's only a little bit more. Being in the hospital is not conducive to recuperation.