Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a t'riffic Tuesday

Today was a perfect Spring day in the garden:
catmint in bloom
my first ever successful pot of tulips ... really, really small tulips I grant you, but tulips nonetheless ... and for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere who possibly find tulips unremarkable - here in Oz most of us have to put our tulip bulbs in the freezer to have any hope of them blooming. These ones didn't get freezered [because I forgot] so I'm pretty chuffed that they've managed such a lovely display
some interspecies interaction between Sophie and Ms Ethel - neither of whom seemed particularly bothered by the other's presence

Nadie enjoying a break from the onerous task of mother-minding with a Bear, a chai and a spot of Harry Dresden

the only irritants?
those rotten b****y beggars of weeds that are proliferating in my garden as I type. I can HEAR them ... plotting to take over ... taunting me with their newfound sense of invulnerability.
Well I'm serving notice on the nasty prolific little beasts ... I shall not be incapacitated forever. Their time will come!!!


Alice said...

I take it that Nadie's 'mother-sitting' doesn't extend to weed extermination too?....lol.

I'd love a day in your garden....and then the weeds would need to be very afraid. Take heart, Susan, if the weeds are growing then so too are the plants you want to keep. I guess the worry is whether you can find them.

Anonymous said...

You tell them there weeds. Lovely to see Nadia all comfy and having time out and in a lovely crochet shrug.

Rose Red said...

Now if only you could train Ethel to attack the weeds, it'd be perfect!

Love the tulips - clever you!

Bernie said...

All sounds well and looks lovely in your land.....and I think your tulips are perfect, hey the weeds will be there when you are able to pull them so hang in there, take care and get "all" better before going to war with the weeds.
.........:-) Hugs

Alwen said...

What a silkie little lapdog Bear has grown into!

I understand about tulips (and lilies and a greenhouse full of other things) - horticulture major who used to know by heart all kinds of daylength and temperature triggers to make different things bloom.

Lynne said...

Not too soon, we trust!

Lizzie said...

Glad that you are feeling up to 'thinking' about the weeds.