Sunday, November 02, 2008

in which I attempt a semi coherent review of the last week or so

I've had some health issues this week - flu bug basically - which has caused the FMS to kick in big time ... net result is that I'm stumbling around in a fibro fog and posting hasn't been particularly successful. Oh, I have tried but the result was pathetic and promptly deleted

so you're getting a few unrelated points and garden photos from Tassie:

Tassie is lovely and green, what I saw of it, which wasn't much, but then I wasn't really there to do the tourist thing.

Beryl took me to every quilt and wool shop within reasonable distance of her home. I bought no yarn but came home with some nice cuts of fabric - most of which was on sale at Cranberry Crafts which is a fabulous little quilt shop at Ulverston... and they were having an up-to-70%-off sale !!!! which was timely as it allowed BJC and I to purchase some of what we needed for our sooper seekrit project for next year.We saw these glorious Waratahs over the fence of a church hall on the way home
Caught up with two ex-students who came over for lunch on the Wednesday. Always good to touch base again... Hi Gaye! Hi Dr Pat ! Hi Jelly Bean ! [ pat's new puppy ]

Got to meet fellow scquilter Cat Stone at Beryl's local quilt group which is held every Thursday night in Devonport for about two hours... far too quick. Blink and they're going home. Nice bunch of girls who are obviously more than happy to have BJC in their midst

I came home to a house that looked like a bomb site and a David that had put on nearly 2 kilos in four days - this was explained by the fact that all the veggies were still in the fridge and there was a sheaf of pizza receipts on the bench. The Carers also hadn't paid much attention to making sure he was properly dry after his shower, so the poor little beggar had scratched himself bloody and required a doctor visit for the resultant rash. This may sound as though I'm carping, but poor Dave was in a shocking state and not able to explain how he was feeling.

I may never have a holiday ever again

Oh ... and the other news at the Doctor's on Friday is that I need knee surgery - an arthroscopy to mend a torn lateral meniscus - simple stuff but can't say I'm looking forward to it.

however, to end on a brighter note ... I got to kid-sit little Lucky yesterday while Pete and Brenda went out. He had three bottles, four naps and did some socialising with Rosie and the girls.
Robbyn, true to form, tried some aggro and had to be swatted away from him but the others were cautiously friendly.
He has never had rocks to climb on before but he knew what to do! He tore straight up to this vantage point. Probably felt less threatened that way - my girlies are so much bigger than Pete's.

edited to add:
I have just had a text message from Pete and Brenda at the Goat Show to say that Blackadder came 2nd, Lucky came 3rd and in the father/son class they also came third. Not at all bad for their first effort especially as Pete and Brenda were out yesterday and so couldn't put as much effort as they might have wished into spiffying up the boys. I was hoping for a first, but hey - this is still pretty good.


Tanya Brown said...

Forgive me - I'm laughing at your description of the post-trip house and your son's putting on weight. I think that I left my son's diet to the devices of his father, it would be much the same - pizza and cookies, and no vegetables that haven't been deep fried into chip form.

Wishing you the best regarding the health issues.

Lindi said...

It does make me wonder what carers actually do. You have my sympathies.

Good news on the goat show front!

Nadie said...

Love the photo of the goats, and congrats to Lucky and Blackadder.

Not impressed about the level of care, can't say much for the new guy but I expect more from his regulars. Its not like Dave is high needs (at least not comparatively in the disability field), but unfortunately sometimes not having to do much just leads to laziness. Next time I'll look into getting carers leave to stay with him.

Alwen said...

I love the flower photos. The majority of the bright flowers here are imports and annuals. Most of our native flowers were wind pollinated, so they are not very showy, nothing like what you have there!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm shocked at how poorly David's care staff kept up with his needs. You must have been horrified. I hope he's feeling better now.

I also hope you're doing better. It sounds like it's been quite a time over there! The pictures are wonderful, though. Makes me long for spring and I haven't even made it to winter yet!

Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Poor David! HOWEVER: Don't you DARE never go on holidays again - if you don't care of you, how can you take care of everyone else that needs you?!?

catsmum said...

True, Caity BUT,
if my BP goes up significantly [ which it did even on medication ]and I get heart palpitations as a result of my "holiday" it kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it ? ... with the added thing that, because this happened this time, I'll likely be just as stressed on any subsequent breaks.