Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can I have some whine with that ??

Marcie pointed out today at Quilting that I've been a bit quiet this week. No dramas per se but it's been a busy week - the good, the bad, and the indifferent

The good:
- getting together with my friend Lorraine for some Saint Nick construction [ and she's coming over again tomorrow after which I'll resume the Christmas blogging ]
- Tara came over with Sorcha and brought Ms Rose [ the wheel ] along as well - we had a fabulous time ... except that I forgot to feed Sorcha ... BAD Catsmum ... BAD!!! However Sorcha forgives me because I let her play with my vintage pram and the dolliesfor anyone who doesn't remember, Tara was the winner of my last blogiversary contest
- My lovely friend Val also popped in on a flying visit to Bendigo .
I probably looked a bit stunned when she arrived - because I'd actually thought that she was coming the week before .
It's that whole 'this Friday' /'next Friday' thing. She asked what was I doing next Friday and meant the Friday of next week ... as you would ... for some reason my addled brain translated it into Friday of this week ... and promptly put Tara and Sorcha off for a week which meant that they all fetched up at mine together LOL
- Nadie came up on a flying visit on Monday afternoon to reclaim Suki and Sumi who were model houseguests but the remaining feline/canine population Chez Catsmum were more than happy to see their tails disappearing in the distance
For posterity - and those who wouldn't believe it without proof - here are MissC and Sumi actually on the same bed.
Relaxed on the same bed in actual fact.

the bad:
- the funeral for my dear little Japanese friend Mineko Wright [ Minnie ], who passed away from cancer last week. Nuff said, I think.

the indifferent:
- having an electrician in to do a few smallish jobs that had piled up. Quote: $200 - $300 ... yup, can manage that. Invoice which arrived in the mail today: $740.
If anyone wants to know a really, really good electrician in Bendigo who charges like a wounded bull but turns up when he says he will , just let me know, okay !

In between all of this there has been much lugging of Chrissy boxes down from, and back up to, the shed, a routine Doctor visit, [ the BP is still up ] ... potentially disturbing
health news from a dear friend today [ fingers crossed for good news Friday, sweetness ]

and no bloody dance classes until after I see the orthopedic surgeon next week [ grumble grumble whine ]

edited to add - did get one lot of very happy news at 9pm but it deserves its own post tomorrow - and no ... before you ask ... no one is pregnant !!


Marcie said...

Do check out (tried to email you but it bounced)

catsmum said...

thanks for the link Marcie - I've added Rosemary to the Blogroll over there in the sidebar ... so now all the people that I used to email her stories to can check for themselves