Saturday, November 08, 2008

flashing the stash and a FO

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who's seen the photo of the pregnant suitcase I dragged back from Tassie, that the yarn cupboard needed a bit of an overhaul in order to find room for the increase in stash due to Beryl's largesse.

While I concentrated on hauling it all out into the clear light of day,
Bear helped by squashing some of the more unruly elements into submission when they threatened to make a break for the great outdoors
After I'd recovered from the panic attack occasioned by not being able to stuff it all back into the cupboard, I did a bit of tweaking here and some squooshing there and this was the result.

By this stage I was starting to feel a bit panicked and light headed - must've been all those wooly pheromones circulating in such an enclosed space.

Anyway, some of the tubs went straight back in without inspection of the contents and I still have to relabel everything, but
that doesn't look too unreasonable, does it?

Ahh, yes

If I take out that black garbage bag full of fleece, there's a whole 'nother row behind

I may need to knock out a few things in chunky yarns to clear some space
cos if I keep on making projects like these - finished this morning - I'll never whittle it down

and for the record, sock #1 was made in April, supposedly for grandson Riley ... sock #2 was started last night after I got sick of the first one whining about being lonely. It is extremely unlikely that Riley's feet are still this small so they'll go to whoever needs 'em first.

pattern: Baby Steps from Yarn Magazine no 3
needles: 3.75mm dpns
yarn: Spotlight Basics

and yes, Nadie, that is a pack of PINK yarn in the second last photo but I'm going to dye it [ and the pack of bright yellow that is hiding behind it !!! ]


Alwen said...

Well. I feel a bit better about my stash now!

Carol said...

Oh good Lord, and *I* felt guilty of my stash. You've done us all a service. See, when our husbands look at us in dismay we can always log on and point to your stash and say ... see, we don't have so much after all.


catsmum said...

Oh Carol, I'm always happy to be used as a warning / example ...
over the last quarter century countless quilters' husbands have been dragged in to see the Great Wall of Fabric. Of course this can sometimes backfire. Instead of "oh you don't have so much after all" sometimes the reaction is " so is this what I have to look forward to ?"
Use me as a salutary lesson at your own peril LOL

prueg said...

If you need excuses to use up some yarn, cass is expecting :)

Jeanne said...

Wow - that's a stash! Cute socks!

Sooziii said...

Now that is something that looks great in ur bottom drawer...

Wish I could get motivated to clean up my stash and assorted 'good junk.'

Lynne said...

Cute socks but, yes, I think you may need to knit something a little bigger!

Lucky Bear was on hand to help you!