Sunday, November 30, 2008

Awooga! Awooga! This is not a drill !

Some of you are familiar with my friend Sheepish Annie and her occasional co-bloggers Rational Mind and Hysterical Mind, or RM and HM as we Sheepie cognoscenti prefer to call 'em.
I have never claimed to have either a RM or HM
what I do have
are my own teeny tiny 'inner voices'

Ms Restraint and Ms Goodtaste
whom I keep tied up in the attic

but tomorrow is December 1st and so Ms Restraint is off her leash and about to depart on her annual vacances.

tomorrow we move into full-on Catsmum Christmas mode [ if you weren't around last year you may want to check the December '07 archives ]

Restraint has left the building
I think she's left the state
She's probably halfway to Maine as we speak

I've still got Ms Goodtaste hogtied, blindfolded and stuffed in a suitcase so that she can't similarly flee the scene, but there are no guarantees.

you have been warned


Alwen said...

This should be fun!

April said...

Oh lordy, you're one of "those."

I hate Christmas.

Maybe you'll change my mind.

Sheepish Annie said...

Squeeeeee!!! I thought I heard the rustle of holiday decorations being unpacked!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for Ms. Restraint so that she doesn't try to sneak in at any point. Let the holiday begin!!!

ozjane said...

why is that hat on your head with a sign on it saying..."over the top"?

Lindi said...

I loooved your blog last Christmas! Sooziii's decorate your blog comp is on again...

Lindi said...

I have chosen you to receive an award. Check my blog to see if you wish to accept it.

Charlene said...

Go for it girl!! Haha Love the pictures, and how more cute could Bear actually get? I have two cats, and I'm amazed at your Christmas side pic's you got of your kitties. It's inspired me.