Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Belated weekend catch up

Nadie came up this last weekend with a dual mission.

First and foremost was to take care of David for a few hours while I taught a 'fabric origami' class over at Daylesford.

Second was the temporary rehousing of Suki and Sumi for a week or so, while Nadie and The Boy have a short break at Lakes Entrance with some friends.
This brings the cat complement Chez Catsmum to five.

As per usual
MissC isn't particularly impressed
Sophie spent the first two days under my bed
I've hardly seen Oakley except at mealtimes
poor Bear is being hissed at every way he turns
He's spending a lot of time next door with his family and out of the reach of anything vaguely feline.
Nadie and Chris went homewards on Monday night but before that there was time for a little goat wrangling [ and even wrangling of a little goat ]

I took advantage of Nadie's presence to snap this pic of a crochet headband* ** that I made to try out the Lana Gatto Jaipur cotton [yummm] for Zoe over at Purl's Palace
Of course, that meant that I had to make another one for Nadie herself - in unidentified denim-y blue cotton from the stash: and I'm currently doing another one for her in the Lana Gatto in a glorious deep red. What can I say? ... this is a girl who loves her headbands.
She also happily took possession of the hand dyed pair of Bripples that I made for her ... even if it IS almost the start of Summer and they probably won't get worn again for 6 months.

* anyone got a catchy naming suggestion for the headband ???

** pattern, anyone ??


Tanya Brown said...

Bripples. I don't know if it's just because I have insomnia, but I like everything about that word.

Bripples. Bripples. It feels as luxurious on my tongue as a tiny corner of Godiva chocolate.

Oh. And the headband and socks you've made are very nice too!

Donna Lee said...

I would like some details on the headband. I have a daughter who rides a bike and that would keep a good bit of her head insulated inside her helmet. And it's not too bulky.

Alwen said...

Oooo, fabric origami! Time to get out the Christmas wrapping paper and fold some origami boxes!

Sheepish Annie said...

Bripples...I just love saying it!

As far as the headband goes, perhaps it should be named for Nadie? She certainly wears it well! I'm wearing a headband right now and I look rather dowdy. Maybe I do need that pattern!!!

catsmum said...

sounds good SA - Nadie it is then !

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Anonymous said...

hi im making your headband but was wondering how to make it with ties instead of a button