Wednesday, April 16, 2008

with apologies to Sheepie...

... for pinching her Wednesday Night Bullet Points idea again, and without the actual bullet points

- yesterday was BIL's funeral. A very, very long and emotional day and I won't burden you with the details except to say that the person eulogised bore almost no resemblance to the person we knew [ but that's probably a good thing ] and MIL was as gutted as one would expect.

- I have a sore right bicep today because of how hard MIL was holding onto me, or possibly from how hard I was holding her... either way it's nagging just enough to let me know it's there.
ETA it has been pointed out to me today that there is actually a thumb shaped BRUISE there

- Ms Rosie threw her head up as I was trying to give her her meds this arvo. I saw stars for a second and now have a split lip, and a small cut inside my mouth where my teeth got mashed into my lip.

- For a while there, I looked like I'd gone 6 rounds with Mike Tyson.

- today was spent raking leaves and bark, and building, and then setting fire to, an assortment of bonfires as the summer fire ban was recinded on Monday. The entire area was blanketed in smoke from [ one assumes] fuel reduction burns, so I figured my little lot wasn't going to make the air quality any worse than it already's just amazing how far that smoky smell travels... but when everything around here already smells of smoke, what the heck.

-I LOVES me a good fire!!

- the goats disagree.

- tonight was choir practice [ do you like how I sneaked that in? ]
Yes, friend Robyn and I, and some of the staff, volunteers and clients at Windarring have joined the massed community choir for the Peace Festival in May. Rob and I are even thinking of joining the singing group / choir / whatever-you-want-to-call-it that just happens to meet on Thursday nights when Jessie and Dave are out with their social group. It's better than sitting home alone which is what I usually do on a Thursday night... granted there's usually some knitting or spinning or quilting going on but still...

- neither Rob nor I are known for our singing ability

- Dave is getting heartily sick of hearing me practice along with my CD - the same half dozen or so songs - over and over and over again.

-Rob and her Martin both luuuurrrved the SBJ I made for their grandie.

- Nadie totally approved of the purple wristwarmers

- and DDIL Christina seems pretty happy with the black alpaca Coronet I made for her.

-normally all confrontations between Sophie and Fred/George take place through a window and she is free to make whatever remarks she likes about their lack of breeding and appalling lack of toilet training, without fear of retaliation, but she was out enjoying the morning sun with Nadie and I the other day and discovered just how big they are up close - here she is being really really brave, which is to say cowering behind a convenient plant pot.


Jejune said...

It's funny how funerals can change everything... and the difficult aspects of a person get glossed over. It was a bit like that at my brother's funeral, although we did have time together with the immediate family to talk around his coffin, and say the hard stuff.

I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time of it lately - I hope you're healing on all levels day by day. Chores, singing and physical activity are all good therapy!


Alwen said...

Even when the person was easy to get on with, it can be jarring how the eulogy can get it wrong.

At my husband's grandmother's funeral, she had always been called two things (like "Gran" and "Henny" short for Henrietta). The priest who did the service called her something else entirely. I kept wondering if he was at the right church. Or if I was.

Sorry about your split lip! My dog has done that to me, big Hard Head he is.

catsmum said...

Alwen - the priest was a member of the family - it was more that there was a certain glossing over of the less than admirable truths of most of his life.

Carol said...

What a very hard day it was for you, topped off with a split lip. I hope your BIL's family can come together and move on from here.

I envy your ability for singing. I only shower sing, LOL.

TinkingBell said...

I was so sorry to hear of your loss - my thoughts are with you and your family.

Love the french market bag and your hands - but love the baby surplice - must get to that!

Sheepish Annie said...

I give permission to use the WNBP freely. But, if anyone ever deserved it, it is you! What a week!!! I hope that things are settling down and that the arm and lip are healing. ::hugs::

MadMad said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your brother-in-law, and the eulogy! I had a similar experience - except the person wasn't dead, it was a birthday, where the husband got up and basically extolled her virtues on and on and on and everyone was like "Who is talking about? She doesn't do half those things!" Oh well. I am sorry, though - what a rough day!