Thursday, April 03, 2008


The migraine lasted until Tuesday night, gave me a day off yesterday to enjoy with my friend Corrie who was up from Melbourne and made a reappearance late this afternoon. It has been medicated into submission - now that I can keep the meds down long enough for them to do some good

Yes this was a bad one
No you don't need the specifics
Yes I'm okay now
although the goaty girls had to make do with self serve

Corrie and I spent yesterday working on a quilt I'm helping her with, and then I got stuck into the commission quilt with the cranes. There was much Mozart, Bach, and some Vivaldi.
Dinner was my world famous vegan pumpkin and sweet potato risotto [ pinched from Donna Hay by way of the Phillip Island Quilters, and friend Beryl, and modified at each step ]

Once David went to bed, there was Jane Eyre and a modicum of needle/ hook manipulation:
she - Corrie, not Jane Eyre - doing the second of a pair of lace shawls for her friend's twin grandbabies, and moi on the brain-dead post-migraine bag crocheting and general pottering around.

Corrie was introduced to my equally world famous scrambled tofu for brekkie - she being newly vegan and in search of easy, tasty recipes - and I suspect it will be on the menu at her place from now on, along with the risotto, judging from the positive reaction.

ETA - Recipe follows at end of post

Thus fortified, we hied ourselves hither to Daylesford where more than a few Corrie purchases were enabled at Purl's Palace, Kabuki and InspireU2shine and okay, yes, a couple of my own

Friends were encountered [ Hi Jodi, Hi Kath ] but sadly not photographed

and a fabulous lunch consumed at the Himalaya Bakery

more shopping back in Castlemaine, at Habadash and then Corrie was on the train back to Melbourne.

I have a gazillion things to show you, a couple of great books to talk about and it's all going to have to wait for tomorrow because my head is at that fuzzy half asleep post migraine stage so I'll leave all the rest

and because Mia asked:

Scrambled Tofu

300grams [ 12oz or so ] Firm tofu - drain and crumble with fingers
1/2 onion or chopped chives, spring onions, scallions
minced garlic
black pepper
temari or soy sauce

heat a tablespoon or so of light olive oil in a wok or frypan
gently fry minced garlic - anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon depending on taste
add 1/2 finely chopped /sliced or diced onion [ or add chopped chives later ]
1 teaspoon or so of tumeric - you can also add chilli if you like
**at this point pop your bread in the toaster**
dump in the drained crumbled tofu
liberal dusting of cracked black pepper
stir and gently heat through for a minute or two
add a good glug of soy or temari sauce

serve on toast

for a light lunch, add frozen peas and /or corn


Bron said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine. I get them, too, so total sympathy from me!

Have you tried the migrastick? It's peppermint and lavendar oil in a small roll-on stick. You can buy it from a chemist - about $11. It does help mine - doesn't make a bad one go away, but does ease it, and if I catch one early it really helps get rid of it. (However, it doesn't work for my sister - we're all different, I guess!)

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it, as it's an inexpensive, natural thing that does work well for some migraine sufferers.

catsmum said...

thanks for the thought Bron - Dawnie mentioned it too - but unfortunately they have absolutely no effect for me. Would that it were that simple :[

Mia said...

hmmm.. scrambled tofu? No recipe?

And so sorry for your migraines..

Marcie said...

glad to hear you're on the mend, I've been checking every day...

Robbyn said...

Really glad to see you back and looking forward to all your cool stuff -and it's always cool stuff :)

The girls look very cute all bundled together there at the bale but my god - the kids are about grown up now, aren't they?

MadMad said...

Oooooohhhh! I'm glad you're getting better - I'm in the midst of a little one now; I can't imagine getting them as badly as you do. They are so incapacitating - on a good day. Hope it's all they way over fast!

Tanya Brown said...

Glad you're well enough to creep back to the computer now. The whole thing sounds ghastly.

The goaty girls are beautiful. I don't suppose they like being hugged, do they? (Said wistfully.)

Donna Lee said...

I'm so glad the migraine is abating. Spring is the worst time for me. Good thing the girls can feed themselves! I imagine hungry goats could put up quite a fuss.

catsmum said...

TAn - yes Ruby and Rosie in particular are VERY partial to cuddles, Rowan sometimes, Robbyn the grump not at all.

Lindi said...

Poor you. I used to get them, but haven't for years. My 10 year old niece gets them, and her Mum has started taking her to a chiropractor who, as well as treatment, is giving her breathing exercises, other special exercises, and advising on positions in which to sleep. Seems to be helping so far. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Glad you got rid of the migraine ... I've never really had one, fortunately, but I can see how nasty they can be.

Thanks for your greeting via Nadie's Facebook ... funny, isn't it, how we all find one another somewhere !!

Have a fabulous week.

Take care, Meow