Saturday, April 12, 2008

once more with photos

You've already had the overview of the last week or so and today I'm taking the easy way out... sort of along the lines of Sheepie's Wednesday Night Bullet Points but without the bulletpoints and obviously not on Wednesday night either


there was a longer version of the Frothy Gothy Wristwarmers for Nadie in Cleckheaton Country 8ply. Unfortunately they itched

then there was that French Market Bag I was talking about. I decided to make it much bigger because when I actually looked at the measurements on the pattern, it was teeny weeny. Not at all what I needed. Of course THAT meant I needed a whole lot more yarn, so I over-dyed some bright orange-red Twilleys Aztec to a scarlet and an oxblood - note the terribly technical drying set up -and knitted in irregular stripes of my handspun, the orange, and the two overdyed colours.
It is therefore a wee bit unfortunate that I didn't get around to taking a photo of it pre felting because I must've had the water temp up a bit too high.
Now don't get me wrong.
It felted perfectly
but the problem is that all the original red-orange commercial dye ran away, leaving me with the bits I'd overdyed perfectly intact, and everything else a fairly grubby looking peach colour.

brief pause while I retch at the memory

so once more unto the washing machine my friends - with a solid whack of Landscapes Sarsparilla - and my orange bag is now:

Which is fine because I'm much more of a purple girlie anyway
What else? Well,Nadie chose the buttons for her Fisherman's Rib hat so I finally got around to sewing them on and you can't see 'em cos they're at the back
I also frogged her favourite pair of Country Silk wristwarmers that had stretched, and then reknitted them
and seeing I was on a roll with the whole fingerless gloves thing, knocked out this pair of Cabled Gauntlets in BWM Caprice Alpaca Wool blend
which are also for Nadie provided there's no issue with the itching

and this is how that Surplice Baby Jacket - for friend Robyn's new grandson Hayden - turned out:

There was even time for a little of the spinning goodness:
I started with some red/purple/aubergine hand painted roving, split it into separate colour runs, and spun the red, then the purple and finally the aubergine, and then plied it with the same hand painted purple roving that I used for Blueberry. Please ignore the cat hair I've only done one small hank because I wanted to see how it would ply up while Nadie was still up here and hopefully I'll have time to do the other half this week... and it's a lot darker than the photo is showing at least on my monitor


Alwen said...

You are just the busy little honeybee!

I love the combination of Nadie's hat and her hair. And if that's how red-orange comes out overdyed with purple, I have some yarn . . . (eyes yarn) . . . that is going to have a change of life!

Sheepish Annie said...

I don't know where on earth you find the time! Everything came out beautifully. (although I am never surprised when you make the beautiful stuff...) Too bad about the itchy gauntlets, though. Those are fierce!!!

catsmum said...

yup fierce gauntlets - unfortunately I don't know anyone else with arms as slim as Nadie's and they were a snug fit on her.
So it's off to the frog pond with them.

Lynne said...

I love the marketbag. Clever you to overdye again!

mehitabel said...

Lovely projects! Too bad the gauntlets itched. It seems a shame to frog them, but I suppose it's equally a shame to leave them and not have them worn.
The purple bag is great--the wonders of overdyeing!

Sarah said...

Look at all the amazing stuff!

Taueret said...

those gothy wrist things are awesome! I want!

Mia said...

OH man, that bag is AWESOME! When you get tired of it let me know *evil grin*

Tanya Brown said...

You are amazingly, amazingly productive. I'm pretty sure that in the time it takes me to give a good solid belch, you can knit up an entire garment.