Thursday, April 24, 2008

My week in review

This week has pretty much been more of the same as the last few - without the trauma associated with death and funeral - all good stuff but I'm feeling really really tired. Going to bed tired and waking up the same.

Corrie came up again from Melbourne for the weekend, escaping a hospital bound hubby who had just had a hip replacement. She'll be tied to the house once he gets home , so took the opportunity for some R & R when it presented itself.
She spent the weekend knitting, relaxing in the sun, and generally vegging out. Substitute basting the crane quilt for the knitting, and you've pretty much got my weekend too.
We had the most beautiful pasta with pesto for dinner on Saturday made with Corrie's home grown fresh basil, and a beautiful hunk of really good parmesan.

Sunday night I sat and hand quilted after dropping Corrie in town for the train. Must say that I'm not much enjoying this batting. It's a needle punched poly and we chose it because of the weight factor for posting the finished quilt to the U.S. but I'm regretting it already. It will probably be fabulous for the machine quilted bits, but it's very needle resistant and my stitches aren't coming easily.
Monday? the usual - coffee, dance class, quilting, another dance class
Tuesday - quilt class here and more hand quilting followed by the 45 minute drive to Maiden Gully for clogging. Very hard to tap dance when the air is a pea soup fog of smoke from fuel reduction burns! The so called Department of Sustainability and the Environment, or DSE, is better known round here as the Department of Scorched Earth!
Yesterday - Drove Jeanette over to Daylesford, pottered at Purl's Palace, bought a new book - of course - on the history of hand knitting in Couture, checked out the wee new patchwork shop where I bought some of the Very Hungry Caterpillar range to make something for Riley because it's DIL Christina's favourite kid's book.
Our friend Robyne L [ knitter, quilter and she who's hubby gives my goaty girls their pedicures ] spotted my car and tracked us to the quilt shop, so we all hied off to lunch at the Himalaya Bakery where we also met up with Kath, who is another knitter/ goat owner / lovely person.
Back to Castlemaine, via Hepburn Springs to admire the banners that Robyne had made for this weekend's Swiss-Italian festival, and then about an hour at Goldfields Quilters - put in about 6 stitches - and off to pick David up, and home for a while.
Out again at 5.30pm for Peace Choir Practice, complete with some very original vocalising from Dave - and home to feed some very grumpy goats.

Woke up with a sore throat and the snuffles, so maybe a cold in the offing but as tomorrow is Anzac Day and therefore a public holiday, I don't have to go into town. I was planning to go to the other singing group for the first time tonight while David is at his social group, but if the throat's a bit dodgy, perhaps not.

I promise that I'll take it easy today - really - just some tele and hand quilting.

ETA Ruth has absolutely perfect timing... after I wrote the above, I took Dave into town and found THIS waiting for me at the post office: 3-and-a-bit balls of tealish green ( or greenish teal ) Andean Alpaca and tiny wee crochet hook attached to a keychain for emergency dropped stitch repairs.


Sheepish Annie said...

For someone who is usually pretty high energy, the tiredness is probably the body's way of telling you something. I'd say your idea of spending a day relaxing is a good one. Even the fun stuff can run you down sometimes. Rest!

There. I have spoken. And I know a lot about resting because that's pretty much all I did today so I'm like professional rester.

catsmum said...

I hear and I obey
[ salutes in a generally Sheepie direction }

Mia said...

simple and perfect is about as good as it gets. go easy and treat yourself to a litle somethin' if you can... and there's nothin' wrong with gettin' some good sleepin' in.


Taueret said...

crikey woman, I'd be tired too. Take it easy.

5elementknitr said...

I'm so glad you got the package and even happier that you like it! Rest, get well soon...

Mia said...

why oh why can't i seem to find your email addy today?? But yes, feel free to make a copy, paper your walls with it ::laughing:: I thought it was a good way to show that you don't have to be young or old, sneakers or taps..anything goes with clogging. I took the poster to my class (the pic of the 3 girls at the top are girls from my class) to show them last night.. it was sooo much fun! Now.. if the poster will just inspire me to get off my behind and move.. I'll be ok!

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