Friday, April 25, 2008


Last month I bought an autism alert sticker for the car, from a woman [on ebay] who has a couple of autistic kids.

It is one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I saw it... and then I realised I absolutely had to have one. It says " Warning: occupant with autism may not respond to verbal commands"

think about it
what would happen if Dave was in the car with me and I had an accident that rendered me non-responsive?? the possibilities are horrifying.

the price was reasonable and it duly arrived from interstate.

well anyway, Nadie and I thought that we'd support this seller some more, and jointly ordered several badges, keychains, etc which I paid for with Paypal THREE WEEKS AGO.

since then - nothing

Obviously I understand the ramifications of life with autistic family members so I was trying to cut her some slack

About a week ago I emailed her asking when they'd been posted.

So far I've had zero response

This lass quite possibly has more than enough on her plate, but then so do I. How hard is it to fire off a short explanatory email, or to get someone else to do it if PC problems are the cause?

Obviously I don't want to use the Ebay/Paypal " Goods not received" process unless I really REALLY have to - and I do have 60 days to do that

and I'm still hoping they'll turn up

but I'm feeling bummed about the whole thing


Bells said...

I'd give it until a month after payment date. A month is a reasonable amount of time to expect people to give some indication.

Maybe look at her feedback too and see if anyone else is having trouble?

It's a great idea, that sticker, by the way.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hmmm....okay to give her a little time in case of family problems or maybe even computer problems....however, you can obtain her personal details (phone no.) and give her a call.

Mia said...

I'd be bummed too. It's a great idea, but like you said.. if things are tight.. she could just send you a note and explain.

Then again, ya never know.. maybe the stuff will bein the mail today.

jane said...

Yeah I am still waiting on some DVD's from US...seems much longer postage time than for anything else I have had posted. But they did respond to my email.........

And now catsmum you know why I post under Jane......just in case I have verbal diarehea (cannot spell that word) and am tired enough to write as much rubbish as I did Thurs night. LOL

catsmum said...

good point Maz - maybe her computer has died. She doesn't have anything up for auction this week which maybe supports that premise - and Bells, I checked the feedback and she only has the 1 negativeand a lot of positives, so I will wait as lobg as the Ebay process allows and then get her phone #.

Donna Lee said...

It's a tough choice. I'd wait some more and give her the benefit of the doubt. Life might just be hectic at this point.

Tanya Brown said...

The autism alert sticker is a great idea.

Regarding the non-response on the subsequent orders, I'm in agreement with Bells, who suggested a month. Even if the merchant is coping with technical or familial issues, that's plenty of time to at least drop a note to customers and give them a "heads up".

One thing to try might be emailing her from another address, possibly a couple of other addresses. Sometimes emails get tossed into spam or bulk mail folders, and unless one knows to check there, they can get missed entirely.

Sheepish Annie said... certainly can understand why sending things might take longer for this family. But you did pay for the item and also don't have the kind of time it takes to follow up on this stuff being as you are in the same boat.

You are being very, very understanding about the whole thing, that's for sure!

Taueret said...

is the window for opening a Paypal dispute 45 days? I'd give her a month before going that route, but I would then go that route.

TinkingBell said...

Non contact annoys me too!
But it sounds like a good week other than that!

Carol said...

Is she leaving responses (feedback) for other buyers? At least that way you know she's there and active. Otherwise if it were me, and I'm too trusting, I would assume the worst and think she may be in hospital or something and unable to get to a computer.

Even if her computer had died, if she knew she had sales about to end, surely she would at least log on at a public library or net cafe.

catsmum said...

Carol - I checked and she hasn't left any feedback for anyone since the day before my purchases. She has had nothing for sale for several weeks.
On the hopeful side there have been some feedbacks received by her just in the last few days from sales roughly around the time of mine saying things like" great item but 4 weeks was too long for delivery"
so maybe my stuff will be there at the PO tomorrow.
I DID send her another VERY carefully worded email but have had no reply.
I don't buy dead computer because as you said, she could always check her Ebay at the Library or internet cafe or a friend. I'm thinking health meltdown of some sort so if that turns out to be the case I'll be glad I waited.

Dawn said...

Hi Susan
I bought one of those stickers for my grand daughter, fantastic idea. I hadn't even thought about the consequences of my daughter being non responsive if in an accident so was very pleased when this was brought to my attention. There is also another one which I bought say's "Autism escape artist, if you find me please ring######. It is a pull tag to attach to a zip. Bought my stuff through ebay too but from USA.