Thursday, April 10, 2008

I...she...and...and then... and...woa !!

yes it has definitely been one of 'those' weeks.
After the migraine - more or less - vacated the premises, the week ran something like this:

Friday - started with coffee in town after dropping David off, then out to Fryerstown for a dance class, followed by some willow harvesting because the vet thinks it'll do Rosie good. General pottering - there was probably some knitting or spinning in there too but I can't remember.

Oh yes, there was also a visit to the GP who informed me that the abdominal pain I've been trying to ignore for the several weeks that it took to get an appointment is diverticular disease. He also said that normally he would advise more fibre but he knows I eat enough of that to sink a battleship so no suggestions offered. I have just looked up a few websites and they DO suggest cutting out legumes - peas and beans - and corn ... bugger... there goes a significant portion of my diet. Botheration.
Nadie was due up on the 6pm train, but arrived at 7pm because some 'nana was standing on the tracks down in Melbourne disrupting services.
Anyway, after collecting her, we all toddled up to Windarring for the opening of their ceramics exhibition [ if you're a local and you're in the vicinity of the North School, pop across the road and check it out ]. Unfortunately, because of the train situation, we got there an hour late, and David's pieces had already been sold ... dots! Bugger. I wanted to buy the bowl for Stephen and Christina :[
David thought the champers was a bit of alright but got totally overwhelmed by the noise and the crowd and had to be led outside for a while. Nadie and I played tag team to see the exhibition.

Saturday - up bright and early, packed up the car, picked up friend Jeanette who was doing my class, and off to Daylesford where I spent the day teaching shibori. Usually I teach EITHER on silk or on cotton - not both - because the dyes used are quite different, but this time we had a go at doing both. It worked okay - not perfect, but I know how to change the situation for next time. The problems were not of my making unfortunately. Why yes, I did use blue dye. How did you guess?

Nadie held the fort with David - thanks sweety. Television and spinning after tea.

Sunday - Farmers Market, Supermarket, lunch at the Botanical Gardens, followed by general pottering ... and Nadie created the most delicious Saag Aloo - spinach and potato curry - and Aloo Ghobi - potato and cauilflower - for dinner. We started watching Torchwood series2 after dave went to bed but I conked out on the couch.

Monday - Nadie and I had a leisurely breakfast on the verandah after I got back from town, and spent the rest of the day hitting all the local op shops but no great joy there. Nadie's SweetyDarling, Chris, brought her car up after work and they - once again - held the fort with Dave while I went to daylesford and taught a clogging class for the ONE person who showed up.
At some point on Monday or Tuesday, Chris installed my new printer and generally debugged the 'puter. He also bought me up a very spiffy ergomonic computer chair!

Tuesday? - Quilting class here, Nadie and Chris pottered around and headed off about noon, taking this bag for delivery to our friend Terry G for her birthday. I only just realised that I forgot to get a photo of it felted, so Nadie? if you haven't delivered it yet, can you take a pic please? Tuesday night I was supposed to be dancing in Bendigo but Karen was sick and I was tired, so I sent David off with Graham the council carer for an hour or so's drive-and-feed-Graham's chooks, and instead of having a rest, I got my second wind and spent the night working on Corrie's commission piece - no photo yet.

which brings us around to yesterday -
coffee in town with Jeanette [ and Tom and Donna and her twinnies ] and then off to quilting, where I continued to work on Corrie's thingie and then, when I'd done as much as I had brought with me, knitted some of Nadie's gauntlets until it was time to collect Dave again at 3pm.

Of course as you know, if you read yesterday's post, just after that, I rang my sister-in-law to check on Jim and was told he had lapsed into unconsciousness. He passed away at 5.15pm and the rest of the night was a bit odd. Ringing my kids several times, composing a notice for the paper, wandering around feeling sort of lost, heart palpitations, general feelings of displacement and unease... you probably all know what I mean. Not the best night's sleep but well, that's hardly surprising

and I still haven't told you about the books... and the yarn .... and....
sorry got to go now or my head will explode.


Sheepish Annie said...

That sounds like a busy week with some of the good and some of the bad. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your BIL. I can't imagine how difficult it has been for his mom and the things that it brings up for you. ::Hugs:: to all.

Olivia said...

wow, busy times. I'm very sorry about your recent family loss, too.

crazyhaberdasher said...

It may be good to have busy times at a time like this.

Nola G said...

Good God woman, sit down and rest. It made me tired just reading that!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

That sure was a busy week you had ... you need a rest, girl !!!
Hope everyone is doing ok, considering the sadness you are all feeling.
Hugs to you and yours ... Meow

Lynne said...

Well now, no-one could accuse you of being a sloth, could they?

Just remember to take care of yourself with all that's happening around you.

Robbyn said...

Yes please, Susan! In all these rounds of activity, no matter how welcome and pleasant, please take care of yourself.

Thanks for the link to the gauntlet pattern - they're beautiful!

And the spinach and potato curry sounds fabulous!

Mia said...

a clogging class and only one person showed up? Don't people know how to have FUN anymore?? ::laughing:; I'm going to Nickel City clogging festival in Buffalo next week.. can't wait!

PS, how long did it take to scrub that blue dye off ::laughing:: or is it still there? *grin*

Rose Red said...

Wow - busy times.

So sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, and your MIL losing all her kids - I know from my husband's nan, who lost 2 of her 5 kids (both to cancer) how devastating it can be for someone to lose their children - at any time - but particularly when they themselves are older. Hope she's doing ok.

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