Sunday, January 06, 2008

yes I know!

Okay so I've been missing in action.
In my defense, did you really need another week of " God it's still stinking hot" posts?
so yes... it's still stinking hot. South of the Divide apparently it's quite nice but up here ? HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT.
Queensland and parts of New South Wales have been declared a state of emergency because of flooding and here it's dry as the proverbial bone and hotter than hades.
Add to that I've had an on-and-off migraine for a week. I'd thank God for modern pharmaceuticals except I ran out last night.
Today was not nice.
On the plus side,
David has been away on a 'camp' with his social group so at least he was somewhere with AirCon for four days
... and what did I do with all that free time?
see above re heat and migraine!
so not a lot.

Except for yesterday.
The migraine having been firmly beaten into submission, I awaited the arrival of Mandy and her friend Hope plus five of their kidlets. That's Mandy on the right.
I never cease to be amazed by the power of the Internet. It brings friends that I've never met before IRL and I instantly feel comfortable with them.
especially when they bring goodies like some of Mandy's beautiful hand dyed 22 micron merino.
Doesn't that look almost good enough to eat?
The Christmas House was duly admired by the littlies, goats petted and then we hopped into the cars for a trip to Daylesford and the delights of Purl's Palace.
Did I mention that the girls had driven in all that heat with all the kids from the Goulburn Valley?? That's 2 hours driving, plus another 40 odd to get from my place to Daylesford. God those two are superwomen... or insane... I haven't decided which yet
Anyway, after a quick lunch at an appropriately child friendly fishandchippie we proceeded to Purl's Palace.
I has birthday and Christmas present money to spend so where better?
Yarn was fondled [ and purchased but not by me ] books perused - a couple of nice Japanese ones came home with me - and Zoe was duly hugged.
After we got back, the kids took it in turns giving Ruby her bottle and primed with candy canes departed for the long drive home about 10 minutes before David arrived back.
Anyway, I'm afraid this disjointed ramble is about the best I can offer today. Brain still not working too well. I don't do well in the heat even without the added fun of the migraine. Just wanted to let you all know that I was still here.
... and yes I know it's January 6th and the decorations should be coming down but may I direct your attention to all of the above re heat and migraine?
I've packed the kitchen up and that's as far as I've got today.
I'll change all the china and bits and bobs back tomorrow. For now, I'm going to sit in front of the portable A/C that the lovely Mandy brought down with her, and watch tv.
There might even be some yarn fondling and manipulation..
cotton of course
I'm not totally insane.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Susan,
Yes, it has been very hot and weird hasn't it. You have been so much better than me at keeping up with your blog, even with a migrain.
The merino yarn is beautiful, looks like fairy floss, I'm sure you will find something lovely to make with it.
Now, please can you tell me, how do remove the Snowman header from my blog? Everything else was easy by that header is something else. The 'remove image' icon doesn't work for me. I might be stuck with this unmeltable snowman for a long time. LOL
Cheers for now,

Taueret said...

it was lovely to meet you, Susan. Thanks again for a great day! See you again next time I'm down I hope.

catsmum said...

okay Jenny , there's another way to do it.
Once you click on edit header, find the image you want to use and you'll notice the second option is to use it INSTEAD OF the current image. That worked for me.
I'll pop this info over on your blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for having us Susan, we had an awesome day!
Looking forward to catching up again soon :-)

Mia said...

mmmm that roving looks yummy!

and guess who's started recording the new season of "Shimmy" on Fit TV??? hehehehe. Always something :)

Alwen said...

Given that your last post said something about 40 deg. I figured you had melted down!

And ooo that roving is lovely. I could curl up in it like a cat.

Sheepish Annie said...

Happy New Year! Although I surely do wish you'd consider ringing it in without the migraines. These are not good. But, it sounds like you've actually managed to make the best of it and have a little fun. Truth be told, you do more whilst under the weather than I do on my best of days!

Robbyn said...

Really glad to hear from you - I was getting a little worried.

I can't imagine dealing with the temperatures you've been having - I admire that you can handle them at all because I would be absolutely useless!

And yes, that roving is absolutely gorgeous - even if all I could do with it is send it out to be spun!

Best wishes for the new year, kiddo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the advice. I don't think I can even do that! I will give it a go when I find a suitable image.

Anonymous said...

You poor sweetie! Mum and Dad (in Wagga) and brother (in Adeladie) have been suffering with the heat too - and I say helpful things like "oooh, it's supposed to get all the way to THIRTY today here in Toowoomba!" They tend to growl.
We've had bugger all rain, though - it goes around us, so towns less than an hour away are flooded, where we've had barely enough rain to dampen the washing.
Hope the migraine eases soooonest!

TinkingBell said...

Nice yarn - sounds like a great day! Glad it's not so hot here - but I'm over it too!

mehitabel said...

Here's hoping your heat wave breaks soon--nothing worse than migraines plus heat! Glad you were able to recover enough to get out to the yarn shop, though. Love your countdown to next Christmas!

Jackie said...

glad to hear you a feeling better. Get ready for another couple of scorchers on 10th & 11th Jan, forecasting 40+ for Melbourne so can imagine that it will be a bit warmer for you.

Queen of the froggers said...

Gosh, I hope it cools down for you. Our relies have been here from Aus for the holidays so they will feel it when they go back! The fibre is lovely colours.