Wednesday, January 30, 2008

that was the week that was

Thursday saw me up bright and early to feed goats and greet the day. Thunderstorms were forecast and the prospect of rain eagerly awaited. So I drove into town and lo! water on the road! Dropped David off at his Day Placement and kept on going to Fryerstown and Lo! more water! Grey clouds looming and a lot of anxious stallholders setting up for the weekend's antique fair.
You can get in the two days before on an early bird ticket, which is usually perfect for me because I don't contemplate taking David on the weekend once it's in full swing - dust, crowds, and dogs = a recipe for a David Major Meltdown.
Anyway I paid the princely sum of $5 and in I went. About half of the stalls were fully set up and one had to keep an eye out for trailers backing up but it was fine for about half an hour and then it started raining. Not 'the heavens opened' or anything, but enough to set all the stallholders panicking around with tarpaulins and drop sheets. Still there were finds to be found and bargains to be had.
I acquired another tin trunk for my stash of fire lighting newspaper - $12
some knitting gauges, needle books and a darner
a vintage white-metal victorian shoe pincushion for Maz which I didn't photograph
and that's really about it. Apart from a $2 not-at-all-antique blue and white china guinea pig.
... and when I got home? Not one single, solitary drop of rain to be seen.

Friday - I had thoughts of going back to Fryerstown but decided some last minute house tidying was probably necessary. Chris and Maz arrived around 1pm, offloaded and then headed out to Fryerstown sans moi. At about 1.05pm, I opened the kitchen door and a very startled 3' brown snake beat a hasty retreat through the adjacent shrubbery.
One phone call to PND later, and with a brief pause for the hasty donning of cowboy boots-and-shovel, there we were, conducting a fruitless search for said reptile who hasn't been sighted since. Chris, Maz and Nadie were all alerted by phone to the need for snake related watchfulness.
Still no rain

Saturday - hot, humid - no rain. This, photographed in all its glory in the morning, was a faded ruin by evening.

Sunday - Nadie arrived around lunchtime and we had a BBQ dinner to belatedly celebrate Chris' birthday on the 16th. I'm not going to tell you what natal anniversary he was celebrating [ but if you know mine - well he's 11 months older ]
Didn't pick up my knitting until about 10 pm.

Monday - Chris and Maz headed back home around lunchtime, Nadie and I pottered - bit of this bit of that - goat and cat bonding featured strongly for her, and tinking a days' worth of progress on the bamboo cami on my part - and she toddled off back to Melbourne after tea but not before modelling Sweetie Pie... and as I am a Catsmum of considerably more girth than my DD, it was strategically pinned but you get the idea. I plan on wearing it for belly dancing - those sleeves will hide a multitude of sins.

Tuesday - long weekend over and everyone back to business. Last night was our first Clogging class for the year, so Karen and I headed for Bendigo. One stop at Maccas later, we arrived at Maiden Gully well aware that it was totally insane to be tap dancing in a hot stuffy hall in 30+C heat... but we did it anyway. Between a lay off of 6 weeks or so and the heat, Heather wisely settled for a revision night. that was the week that was. Still no rain unless you count yesterday's total of 4 drops.
Pause for gratuitous cat: Oakley enjoying the catmint out in the Cat Run you may now return to your regularly scheduled program


Rose Red said...

I love those old tin trunks - what a bargain!

And sweetie pie looks great - I'd love to see a belly dancing pic of you wearing it!!

Fingers crossed for some rain for you.

TinkingBell said...

Love the trunk - and the gratuitous cat shot - hope it buckets down for you - we've been supposed to have rain all week - hah!

Sheepish Annie said...

You do more in a week than I do in a month. I'm all tuckered out just reading about it! I got a bit stalled out by looking at the trunk, though. I am a sucker for all things tin...

Love Sweetie Pie! That is just beautiful! Of course, the model is lovely and that is a factor. But, I still think it's a winner! Nice job!

Taueret said...

Sweetie Pie came out beautifully, and your daughter is lovely too. Hope you get some rain.

Bells said...

Oh sweetie pie looks FANTASTIC! And that rose...oh how lovely.

catsmum said...

and no one was game to comment about reptilian invasions!

Lynne said...

Did you jinx yourself with a certain recent post: "Mostly aggressive browns... but I haven't seen any in the 3 years I've been here."

I'm so glad you frightened it away; I've heard they can be very aggressive. Stick to your plan of being able to see bare earth, I think!

Alwen said...

What a beautiful week in pictures. Wish I could send you some of yesterday's rain. Overnight it went from 48 F/9 C and rain to 10 F/-12 C and snow and now the car doors are frozen shut!

So I was hungry for the sight of something like your rose.

Taphophile said...

Oooh, you did get some bargains. The top looks lovely - bet it looks as good on you as it does on DD.

Jejune said...

Oh ugh, my toes are curling up at the mere mention of a brown snake, I HATES them!

I LOVE that top, it is simply stunning (and a stunning model too :) - Dotter and I are about to start beginners' bellydancing lessons, in about 3 weeks - another exciting adventure! I'll certainly be on the lookout for costumes we can knit...