Thursday, January 10, 2008

What I learned today

This is the equivalent of one of those godawful " What I Did On My Summer Holidays" essays that we all had to write the first week back at school each year.
So lets get it over with before I come to my senses.
Well the most important thing that I learned today is that, if one has opened up all the windows and doors to try to attract an errant breeze overnight, then it is fairly important that one also CLOSES all of the said windows and doors well in advance of the thermometer hitting 40 C/104F
Failure to do this to even one window results in a house that resolutely resists any attempts at staying cool and which, by the time said open window is discovered, has an internal temp not much lower than the external one.
[ in my defense the open window was in Nadie's room and she's not up here this week so I forgot it was open ]

The other thing I [re] learned today is that cotton yarn, while not at all stretchy in and of itself, has an alarming tendency to stretch sideways when knitted or crocheted. The net result of which is that after several days of feverish crochet,
[ or more accurately: brain-on-migrainey-auto-pilot crochet ] I finished a Sweety Pie Cami, to the point where it could be tried on, and then promptly frogged it. I didn't even think to take a picture of it first.
I did think of that once I'd ripped out about 5" or so:
Anyway, I've restarted 4" narrower... four flipping inches...FOUR ... did I mention that it's four inches ??
and not a lot of progress because of the heat and also my wrist is sending me the 'electric spider' message that means 'quit for a while or else.'
Now that I come to think of it - typing: probably not a wise idea either !
that means I might have to just sit and watch Firefly DVDs


Mia said...

Love that stitch pattern!

Alwen said...

Ooo ooo, Firefly videos! And something cool and tinkly with ice to drink.

TinkingBell said...

Go with Alwen's idea - so sorry you've not been well - we have a cool house and I still hate the heat - barely been out in the garden for days......

Sheepish Annie said... learned a lot. And you have Firefly DVDs. It's not a total loss, right?

Stay cool! I'd send you some snow, but the logistics of that are beyond my Thursday Fried Brain.

Tanya Brown said...

Your stitching is beautiful, stretching or not.

We also do the "cool 'er down at night, seal 'er up for the day" trick in the summer. Alas, it doesn't work as well as desired because the house is uninsulated.

MadMad said...

It is so funny to be reading about hot when we are freezing here...

Cotton is the bane of my existence, I have to say: it shortens up AND gets wide: a great, sexy look for everyone. And I never remember that BEFORE I start a knitting project...