Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do you have any idea... hard it is to find Australian themed Christmas decorations at all, let alone ones that aren't twee and hideous?
I found these at a local gallery a couple of years ago and even at the 'after Christmas' reduced price they were still $12 EACH.
They're carved from some kind of Western Australian bottlebrush...
and in case you're not up to snuff on 'Aussie Animals 101', they are [ from the top ]
an echidna [ I have a visiting one of these ]

koala and kookaburra [ no koalas but heaps of caroling kookas ]

and finally a platypus [ none of them here either ]


prueg said...

A playpus? A bit more friendly and less than shy than the more well-known platypus?

catsmum said...

ok so it was a typo - all fixed now!

Miss Eagle said...

Wonderful! Do you think there might be a Christmas Bilby to go with the Easter Bilby? And could they be in chocolate with a dash of liqueur too - or am I being too hard to please?

Blessings, bliss and the joy of Christmas

catsmum said...

chocolate christmas bilby [ it'd have to be white choc for me tho - migraines ]
anyone know any enterprising boutique chocolatiers???

sionwyn said...

that echidna is awesome, I want one!

Bells said...

Oh they are so great! I was contemplating this very issue recently when buying my first ever decorations. I figured you'd be able to get some but had no idea where. Good choices!

Sheepish Annie said...

Those are fabulous!!! And worth the price if they have meaning for you. I guess I never thought about how hard it might be for find things for an Aussie Christmas...great discovery!

Bliss said...

Yes! my complaint exactly. We Aussies don't really do too well on the Xmas decoration design, do we? I think you are right. It's the cost factor.

I love the cat tree!

The dash of liqueur idea would suit me in any form of decorative glass or chocolate shape. LOL

Tanya Brown said...

Lovely. I'm enjoying your decorations. You've also brought back happy memories of a song I learned in the first grade:

"Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry merry king of the bush is he
Laugh kookaburra
Laugh kookaburra
Something something something"

catsmum said...

that last line is
"Gay your life must be"