Wednesday, December 05, 2007

girls, goats, good times and a gratuitous cute cat

Yesterday was the Christmas break-up luncheon for our monthly SnB-type group "Purl's Princesses", so instead of having our usual knitting session at Purl's in Daylesford, Jeanette and I [clad in my best tiara as befits a princess in celebration mode] headed on down the road a little more to Robyne and Paul's unique, quirky, wonderful house at Eganstown.
First order of business was a visit to the goats...
That's 'ccino with Rob, Ms. Latte is behind him and you can just see a bit of Presto's nose. Somehow I missed getting a photo of my favourite, little Milo :[

Unlike moi, Robyne is a real foodie and all stops had been pulled out. Naturally we'd all brought something as well: dips, turkish bread,organic juice, etc but CERTAIN PERSONS were rendered ALMOST speechless by the salmon roulade, prawns, salade nicoise, fruit flan, and other goodies. They would've gotten a greek salad and a bought quiche at my place!
Actually, now that I think about it further, it may have been the freely flowing champers that rendered them incapable of speech :]

We all exchanged KrisKringle gifts and I was happy that our hostess was the one to score my contribution:

and because you can't have a GTG without the obligatory Chantelle [ Central Victorian speak for Show 'n' Tell ] here's the crossstitched quilt that Robyne's making for her son's Japanese mother-in-law.

and finally:

we'll return to the chrissy pics tomorrow ... nearly finished ... only a couple more rooms to go and then I'll take pity on you and stop ... maybe ... if you're lucky

As it's only early in the season, the count of tree ornaments that the cats have 'redecorated' onto the floor stands at three [ plus the one I knocked off trying to put them back, that's rolled in behind the main tree where I can't reach it ]


Jorja's Nanna said...

I don't know about the cat being gratuitous! She looks a bit p.... off with something! My husband suggests that she needs a holiday and he is offering to look after her and entertain.
Apart from that, I have so say that your knitting group looks like a lot of fun and the food sounds yummy.

picperfic said...

I truly love your enthusiasm for Christmas, I can tell you are totally enjoying the whole thing. I would dearly love to belong to a knitting group but my nearest one is quite a distance away and I don't enjoy driving in the dark. I may have to set up my own group. What a yummy spread! Merry Christmas!

catsmum said...

the other two photos of Sophie, she looks perfectly happy but I deliberately chose the "I hate you people" one!
I am an evil, evil woman who decorates cats who are, of course, undeserving of such public humiliation :]

Alwen said...

I had just read your post that said "If it sits still tie a bow around it" -- guess Sophie sat still a bit too long!

catsmum said...

I DID hint rather strongly that SOMETHING would happen to unsuspecting felines on the first of December if you recall - I always decorate my cats.

Robbyn said...

Gosh, I wouldn't kick about Greek salad and boughten quiche. It's all good :)

Since I haven't been up to much in the way of decorating this year, may I tell you how very much I have been enjoying your holiday accouterments?