Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Even though there were UFOs I could've been finishing [ What? ... No! ... Really? ] last night I just couldn't resist casting on for a Snome
and what's a Snome?
well, I'd guess a Snowman Gnome
He was a pretty easy knit - although the acrylic boucle yarn I had on hand wasn't exactly nice to knit with, especially at the tighter than normal gauge needed for a stuffed toy... squeak, squeak, squeak and bloody hard on the hands. I originally wrote "quite hard" there, but it was more than 'quite' - it was definitely bloody.
...he was however only moderately fiddly to sew up.
I wasn't about to go out and buy a whole ball of orange - a colour I would quite likely NEVER use again - so I went down a needle size and used stranded embroidery thread for his carrot nose but followed the directions for the larger snome's nose.
size 3mm and 3.25mm needles, unknown white boucle, red Caressa and green BWM Classic 8-ply.
Pattern: Snome by Alan Dart, Simply Knitting, #34 November 07. This is the small version.

and as this post is devoted once again to things of a seasonal nature, and we're in the throes of early summer, here's a far more appropriate Aussie image: the first Christmas beetle of the season

oh and btw it RAINED this morning!!!! Not a lot, but definitely wet stuff.


Kylie said...

He is very cute.

I know this sounds terrible but our dogs love eating christmas beetles :(

Caity said...

SNOME! So cute!

Christmas beetles -sooo pretty ! Dog is quite bewildered by them, and although she is DEATH by snapping to flies, beetles are a bit big and noisy for Constance J.

TinkingBell said...

Lovel the Snome - and the Christmas beetle evenmore - I once had one land on me and didn't now till someone asked me about the 'pretty brooch'!

Quilting Diva said...