Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy First Birthday Baby

Master Riley David Iacuone celebrates his natal day today - and I would've put this up sooner but the thunderstorms in the area meant that I lost the internet connection for over 12 hours ... His Uncle David and I are heading down to see him tomorrow arvo so hopefully there will be more recent photos to share tomorrow.
When I took the first one he was 2 weeks old
the second was at not-quite-10 months [ and with a whole 2 teeth ]
he apparently now has 7 chompers.


Sheepish Annie said...

A year???? A whole year???? My goodness that went fast! Happy Birthday Riley! You're growing up to be a handsome fellow, I must say. Enjoy your visit with Grandma and Uncle David!

Lindi said...

Isn't he a cutie!
Happy Birthday, Riley!

Rose Red said...

Happy birthday to the little fella! My they grow so fast!

Alice said...

He is gorgeoous, with real personality. I hope you had a wonderful visit, Susan.

Best wishes to you and David, and all the family for Christmas.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

OMG! Master Riley is SO CUTE!!! He has mischief written all over him! lol Enjoy your time with him and your family!

Tanya Brown said...

Those are two great photos, partly because they're recognizably the same person. Kids change so rapidly when they're young!

I think I felt my heart melting a little when I looked at him. I hope he's had a lovely birthday.