Tuesday, December 04, 2007

a very girlie Christmas room

I'm skipping David's room [ he's entitled to a bit of privacy and it's not as though he can tell me if he minds me splashing his space all over the net]
which brings us to MY room
which generally comes as a total surprise to anyone who really knows me IRL. I am most emphatically not a girlie/ cutsie type ... but for the very first time in my entire life I have a pretty room and I love it.
I finally have the Edwardian cast iron bed and froufrou mosquito netting of my dreams

This is my tree... obviously ...

so it has things that speak to and of me:

silver scissors

knitting gauges

bellydance coins

vintage silver sugar tongs

everything in silver and pearl and crystal

and a faux-Victorian Saint Nick in patchwork cloak, from a kit by Judy Golder, sitting on that little piece of not-at-all-faux crazy patchwork that I found at the Historical Society Garage Sale last month. It just fits the top of the DVD player perfectly, making that particular anachronism less obvious.

Shabby chic-ish angels hang from the mosquito netting and great grannie's tallboy [ armoire ]

A delicate crystal-like [ ie plastic] swag sits on the tallboy in company with a Victorian angel, and another 'crystal' swag is wrapped around the foot of the bed.

and now is probably a good time to revisit catsmum christmas decorating hint # 306:

If it sits still, tie a bow on it.

oh and a postscript from yesterday's seniors' visit: the one thing they couldn't get over was that I had a tree in my bedroom!
Doesn't everyone?


Sheepish Annie said...

Please! I barely survived getting the tree up in the living room yesterday!!! I think I'm going to have to call it, "done" for this year.

Although I can't help but get a little inspired by the thought of a bow on anything and everything...

TinkingBell said...

So pretty and delicate (thinks again of likely fate of such gorgeousness around Destructoboy - puts head in arms and sobs quietly!)

catsmum said...

Tink your time will come. Destructoboy will grow up [ eventually ]
Ask me how I know!

Rose Red said...

Susan, I LOVE your bedroom Xmas tree - I especially love how you decorated it with "you" things - just fabulous!

I also love that you had the Seniors out on a day visit - what a great idea!

Tanya Brown said...

Perfect and lovely.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous. Just shows that with a little imagination, anything can become Xmas tree decos...just needs a common theme. Well done.

mehitabel said...

My grandcarrot has a tree in his room--I think his mummy is your child, not mine! She loves the whole season, in spite of working killer retail hours, and already has her house decorated to the nines. I love seeing your stuff but now I have to go lie down for a while to recover...

Jane said...

Still waiting for the Christmas bedspread. Was going to at least finish mine this year,but there is always next year. And sleeping is good for you.........vbg,