Thursday, October 04, 2007

where does the day go?

it's 9.30 in the am and I feel as though the day's half over. What's up with that?
Let's see:
since I got up I've
bottle fed Ruby
fed and watered Rosie, Robbyn and Rowan
milked Rosie
pasteurised it
had a cuppa
fed the cats who wanted to know why the goats got fed first
relaid the fire which had gone out
walked up the block to PND's [ in my pajamas ] to feed and haul water for his four goats and the dog
checked my Bloglines, read my Forums and entered some stuff on ravellry
put on a load of washing
showered and dressed myself and then David
made the beds
packed David's lunch
drove him into town

I see
forget I mentioned it


crazyhaberdasher said...

Wow, you ARE a country gal!

Caity said...

BLOODY HELL, WOMAN! Go and have a nice lie down IMMEDIATELY!
I'm in the middle of a bad fibro flare from doing TOO MUCH... and we know what that's like, don't we, hmmm?

catsmum said...

yes Caity
we do
and I DID have a little Nanna nap later in the day before heading off to rehersal for our 5-minute spot of Belly dancing at a Seniors Week concert on Friday. Oh my exciting life [ not ]

MadMad said...

HA! Too funny! (Well, you know what I mean...)