Sunday, October 21, 2007

... but mu-um, the other kids will laugh at me

I remember when I was young ... I always had the 'wrong' clothes or the 'wrong' hair. I have vivid memories of being the butt of some fairly malicious teasing. Some of the scars are still visible if you care to look closely. Well not really, because they're emotional scars, but you get the drift, right? Not one of the cool kids ... not then and not now.
So you'd think I'd be more than usually sensitive to the ramifications of making a family member look ridiculous and then spreading it all over the internet, wouldn't you?
I am an evil woman
in my own defense, I really didn't have a lot of choice.
Robbyn gave Rowan a bit of a bad tempered nip on the tip of the ear a few days ago. Nothing really. I wouldn't have noticed anything amiss if I hadn't heard the squeal.
this morning the ear was hot and thickened up so I had to lance it... yuck [ she hates me ] and break out the spray-on antibacterial stuff [ she hates me ]
Should I offer to spray the other ear as well to make it look even???


Tanya Brown said...

Poor little Rowan. That ear bite looks very painful! Fortunately, the color of the antibacterial stuff coordinates with her pink little mouth very nicely.

As for your having the "wrong" clothes or hair in your youth, I noticed that a lot of the "cool" kids from my own childhood never did get far from the town we all grew up in. They have lovely jobs making trash cans or working at the local Frito-Lay plant. High school was unfortunately the apex of their lives, it seems.

The One and Only Nadie said...

Aw my poor baby. I laughed when I saw the picture then felt terrible when I read the post. I thought she'd gotten into your dying or something. Title should read 'butt maaaa-m...'

The Boy said...

Aww... she's colouring her hair to be like Nadie... only more purple, and more ouchie.

catsmum said...

she's obviously connecting me with that pain - instead of running towards me at every opportunity, now she's running away :[

Rose Red said...

I dunno, I think the purple ear is kinda cool really.

Lisa L said...

I love the purple!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, I dunno...I think that that's what all the cool kids are doing right now. That little touch of one-sided pinkness seems rather fashionable!

This would make you a Cool Mom! Which is better than being cool in school by about a million points.

Hope Rowan feels better soon!

Alwen said...

Yeah, I had the "wrong" pants through most of high school, too. Never had a purple ear, though!

Robbyn said...

Well, from where I stand, you have definitely acheived coolness :)

I'm embarassed for Robbyn though; anyone with that name should conduct themelves with a good deal more decorum that that!

Alice said...

Antibiotics? I thought she'd dipped it in the

Hope it heals up completely.

Bells said...

oh the poor muffin! That sounds and looks sore. Better to look funny now than have it get worse!