Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last Saturday I was allowed off the leash for a few hours to go to the Goldfield's Quilters Quilt-In [ which I'll post about another day ]
Anyway, as I wended my way thitherwards, I passed a number of Garage Sales [Yard Sales] with only mild pangs of regret for potential missed opportunities.
THEN I saw the sign for a MONSTER garage sale at the local Historical Society and that was when I weakened.
One coffee mug later [ surprise - Christmas themed with a cat ] I was about to leave when I spied a shabby little relic slung over the verandah railing. Walking over as casually as I could, I picked it up and discovered that it was a crazy patchwork something-or-other in fairly parlous state, shredded in places and threadbare in others, but still gorgeous.
Keeping the visible excitement to a minimum I asked after the price and was told $1 with that upward rising inflection that tells you the seller is worried that they're asking too much. Well, 'casual' flew out the window. You have never seen a purse open so quickly. DONE.
When I showed it at the GTG it was obvious most of them would've done the same although a few clearly thought that I'd lost my marbles.
Now as to what it is ... there are two pockets on the inside almost like a book jacket, but it's too highly padded for that, so I think probably a nightie sachet for keeping one's pegnoir pristine.

Would it be criminal to cut it up? it really IS falling apart and I can kinda see it as the robe for a Victorian Saint Nick.

and while we're on the subject of gorgeous textile treasures we have this :
what's this??
Oh this is an Indian made, celtic design cotton sheet/bedspread bought for me in Edinburgh, Scotland by Ms Beryl J.
It may well just get bordered and quilted. Gorgeous, n'est-ce pas?


Rose Red said...

Oooh, fab bargains! I don't think it would be criminal to cut it up if it means it will be loved again - in fact, that's a lovely outcome for it!

Jane said...

Yes Moggies Aunt it would be criminal to cut up history.....fix it up can always buy velvet scraps for St Nick......if you are that desperate we may manage a snatch and grab.
Cut it up indeed.
How would you feel if one of your quilts is in that situation and you are trying to stop them by aiming darts at them from a cloud
Cutting up crazy quilting........what heresy is next?

Linda said...


The Historical Society should be murdered. They obviously don't have anyone there with textile expertise.

And although I would usually cut up with little hesitation, I would find it very difficult with this piece. Doilies are two-a-penny, early crazy patchwork is not. It is actually quite rare.

Tanya Brown said...

Heck. I was going to side with the cut-it-up contingent, but now the history contingent has me worried that it's something old.

Mumble mumble. Guess I'll go back to bed.

Robbyn said...

For what it's worth, I think I'd cut it up for your Victorian Father Christmas. Not only is it the right kind of crafting for the era, it's probably actually from the era - or close to it anyway.

Your beadspread is fascinating and fabulous - but the design strikes me as way more Celtic than Indian. Or is it just the cotton that's Indian? Spectacular, regardless...

Alwen said...

Ooh, that's the kind of crazy-quilting I looooove! Lucky you.

Lisa L said...

What a bargain!

catsmum said...

yes definitely a celtic design which is why they were on sale to the tourists in Edinburgh but MADE in India.
Ms Beryl knows that my love of celtic design comes in second only to my adoration of all things japanese. She got of the tour bus and walked back acouple of kilometres in the rain to buy us both one. A true friend indeed.

Sheepish Annie said...

Cut it! After a lifetime of service, a well quilted piece deserves a second chance as something lovely. I firmly believe this. It was just waiting for you to find it and make it into that certain special something!!!

cat in tassie said...

I think using it for St Nick would be a lovely idea. It might mean that it is loved for an even longer time.
Beryl brought back some lovely pieces from her trip. I have a couple of them in my studio!

crazyhaberdasher said...

The Great Debate! To Cut Or Not To Cut?
Well, while I generally would leave things alone, it is in need of a great deal of repair. And the original purpose is questionable (an oversized hand warmer?) How big is it? How else would you enjoy it? They cut up old quilts and give them a new lease of life. I think if you were going to make a St Nick, then you would have to find a special pattern to make this piece worthy of. You know, one that really has that vintage look. One that would have a lot of details and vintage accessories, etc. Only then would I use it.

catsmum said...

Maz my love , do you seriously think that I don't already have JUST the pattern ? :]
Come on. How well do you know me and my collection of patterns?? LOL

Taphophile said...

The crazy quilting nightie bag is divine, and such a bargain. I couldn't bear to cut it up.

Quilting Diva said...

what a lovely find! I'm jealous!