Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What can I tell you?
Three day tossing-up-the-toes migraine again. I'm still a bit queezy but I've actually managed to keep a bowl of porridge down this arvo and a couple of dry biscuits this morning [ crackers for the non-aussies ]
I even had to cancel a class yesterday and that just NEVER happens. I've taught through a gazillion migraines, the flu, broken bones even, but I couldn't even manage to stay upright without heaving so teaching was definitely out. Likewise dance class last night and this morning AND I didn't get to patchwork today either. Rats.

Goaty news:
I weighed the girls and they've tripled their birth weight in four weeks. Rowan hits the scales at 13 kgs and Ruby at just under 12. Because we've just had two weeks of school holidays, the girls have had many little visitors. This is my friend Zoe with young Miles, who most definitely did NOT want to go home.

Not so much, but like just about everyone in Knitblogdom I've made a couple of pairs of Saartje's bootees. These won't be the last. It's such a cute pattern and so easy once you get used to the rather idiosyncratic way it's written.
My friend Donna [ Coffee Bean Donna ] has had her twins six or so weeks early, so the stuff I made for them is a bit too big at the moment [ and not sewn up yet ] but I had a bunch of prem stuff ready to go down to the NICU at The Royal Womens' which is where Donna had the bubs so I sent it down with her sister and instructions for her to keep whatever fitted and then donate the rest. Hamish and Angus are breathing on their own and weigh a bit over a kilo each [ 3 lbs ]

Still chuffing along on the Maze quilt. Needless to say buggerall got done the last three days.

Gorgeous spring days with temps around the 20C mark [low 70sF] but the nights? Ni-ii-ppy.

and to finish off, here's this week's gratuitous cat photo: Ms C and Oakley in reasonably peaceful proximity - and we won't mention the piece that Sophie took out of C soon after.
ETA You need to go over to Nadie's Blog to check out the super cute baby wallaby photos


Alice said...

You certainly have more than your share of these wretched migranes, don't you? I hope you'll feel much stronger tomorrow and stay well for a long time.

crazyhaberdasher said...

I hope you are feeling better. This is happening much too often now.

catsmum said...

it's not so much how often as how bad and for how long and the last couple have been revolting.

crazyhaberdasher said...

I must say those shoes are really cute! Especially the red pair!

Robbyn said...

I'm really sorry to hear you've been feeling punk again - that bites.

But thanks for the kid pictures - they are so beautiful! And thanks for sending me to your daughter's blog for the wallaby photos. Oh my God - what a cutie!

MadMad said...

I have no idea how your days with a migraine STILL sound so much better than mine without... but I'm always glad you share! And I hope you feel better soon! (I get them a lot, but not for long periods, so I can't imagine how you cope!)

Love the booties!

Sheepish Annie said...

Holy cow! Those migraines have been hitting you hard lately. I hope this means that you'll be getting a pass on a few of them for a while. Thanks for all the pictures! I love having an Aussie kind of day even when it's really just a U.S. kind of evening.

TinkingBell said...

You poor thing - but lovely bootees -(had to go straight over and grab the pattern!!) Those kids are VERY cute!

Rose Red said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling crap-o again.

Thanks for the kid pics - so cute!! As are the booties - must tackle the pattern some time!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thanks Susan for the offer, but I have a yellow one or two! Hoping to see you soon though.

Carol said...

How horrid with the migraines, I sympathise. And what wonderful little booties, they are absolutely ADORABLE !!!!