Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goat Watch Central

Yes people, another caprine delivery is immanent. PND and Brenda's nanny was due between Sunday and yesterday but still hasn't produced the goods although I'll be really surprised if she goes past tonight. She looks like a beached whale and a bloody uncomfortable beached whale at that. Any comparisons to mature African elephants would also probably not be far off the mark either.
All day today I've walked the 100 metres or so up the block and back armed with the camera 'just in case' - getting my exercise in the process, as well as widening the already existing track worn between the two properties -but she was a good girl and waited for her mummy to get home from work. Brenda has just driven past so maybe now she'll get a move on.
These soon-to-be kids have the same sire as Ruby and Rowan but will have more Anglo Nubian in the mix as their mum is a cross breed.... and before anyone asks, no I bloody well did NOT knit them booties or make them a quilt...
In the non- goaty news department, I went ahead and cast on for another pair of Bluebell booties in 8 ply [ sport or DK ] on 3.75mm needles.
18 stitches instead of 25, 4 sets of increases and decreases instead of 5, 8 stitches cast off /on instead of 10 and fewer stripe repeats across. Verdict - spiffy!
The yarn is courtesy of the stash and they do look pretty. There are three babies coming soon [ in fact my cousin Katharine is due tomorrow ] so someone will get 'em. There's bound to be a least one girl in the bunch.
and to finish up - a totally gratuitous pic of my girls enjoying a post-prandial dustbath.


Nicole and Phil said...

I hope that poor goat has her baby soon....I feel her pain! :)
The scorchet scarf is gorgeous! I do not crochet, but it is really effective, and very suitable for our weather at the moment!
Thanks for the link to the kitchener stitch..I can tell you, mine look nothing like that!!!
I will do some practice ones before I attempt to do it on the next pair of socks!
thanks heaps for your help!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Love the booties! Have you seen the variation on Bente's blog?

catsmum said...

yes Kate
it was the ones on Bente's blog that reminded me I had this vintage version.

Nicole Handy said...

thank you so much for the bootee pattern xx :)