Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy mail and a nearly finished object

Who's a happy little Vegemite?
Don't think I got around to telling you, but last week I won a contest over on Jejeune's blog, and on Tuesday morning I found these in the post office box... A pack of her own original knitting art cards... and a wee something extra. It probably goes without saying that by the time I took this photo, mere minutes later, that box was well and truly EMPTY. Anyway, as I was about to head out to Purl's Princesses [ knitting group at Purl's Palace in Daylesford ], I naturally took the cards with me and showed them to the lovely Zoe, knitting designer and LYS owner extraordinaire. All the other princesses were terribly impressed by the artwork and expressed a desire to own some for themselves so a few emails later, I had hooked up Zoe and Jejeune [ aka the incredibly talented Denise Sutherland ] and an order is winging its way to Central Vic.
Win / win as far as I'm concerned. I get to help two friends AND gain a relatively local and easily accessible method of buying more of Denise's stuff.
oh and by the way my American knitblogging buddies need not despair because Denise's artwork is available as cards, coffee mugs and t-shirts over at Cafepress.
Anyway back to knitting group:
I was knitting on my second BSJ and made sure that I took #1 along so that I could demonstrate how the finished object folds up. This time because I had more of an idea of what I was doing, I could plan the placement of the stripes - although now that I see it on the monitor, maybe a thin 2-row stripe of the pale blue would've been nice between the jade and the darker blue on the body . I've since finished knitting the second one and added it to the pile of stuff that needs sewing up and/or buttons. This one is a fair bit bigger than the other and looks like it should fit Riley. Of course whether he actually needs a knitted jacket heading into summer is a whole other question so it may end up in the granny box.
To totally cap the day, my Knitpicks Options had come in. I treated myself to these by way of celebrating the end of the Maryborough project and I've been hanging out for the order to arrive.
Okay, I'm off next door to do the evening feed, then milk Rosie again before it gets dark.
ETA and once again Blogger has eaten my photos a day or so after I put them up so here I go again with the uploading. This is getting really really annoying.


crazyhaberdasher said...

Another busy day and great happy mail, you should be feeling very positive and positively grinning from ear to ear!

Rose Red said...

Love the BSJ - and KnitPicks - you'll have fun with those!

Sheepish Annie said...

There is no mail better than the happy mail! I used to dread the mail because bills were in that little box. Now I get fun things like wool and books! I celebrate the mail!!!

Congrats on all those neat goodies!

Jejune said...

THANK YOU again my dear! Really really appreciate your 'intervention' on my behalf :D

You'll love the Knit Picks, I use mine all the time!

Bells said...

Oh great stuff - cards, chocolate, BSJ and Knit Picks. Such riches! Gorgeous BSJ - I really love it.

mehitabel said...

Gotta make a BSJ! With a Sweet Pea hatching in the pod, and the Grandcarrot running around, I have no excuse. Well, other than a dozen UFOs around the place...

MadMad said...

Ooooh, thank you! The stripes make it easier to figure out how it should be folded... I think I must have made a mistake (now THAT would be a surprise!) because I don't have those corners at the bottom. Anyway, yours looks beautiful!

MadMad said...

OH YEAH! Sorry, me again! I have Denise's cards, too - they are FAB. Love 'em!