Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yup. I know who I'm voting for

According to today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"The ABC has rejected pleas from the Greens to be allowed to broadcast a striking yet fake election advertisement that was created for the broadcaster.

The party confirmed they want to use an advertisement created by agency Republic of Everyone that featured on the Gruen Nation last night.

But the ABC will not allow it be used during the campaign, stating it owns the rights and the "ABC can't provide one side's advertising"."

for my overseas friends:
we have a federal election in just over a week
this is NOT a paid political ad - it's actually from a satirical show on advertising and media [ The Gruen Nation ] that aired last night.

Originally I had the YouTube footage embedded but for some reason it was not showing the full screen. You can access it direct on YouTube through the link above. Sorry 'bout that, but it's well worth a watch.


Froufrou said...

Was a very powerful ad... I wish it was being shown for real!

Jessi said...

As an overseas friend, I don't much about anything, but what an amazing ad! Fake or not, it was very moving.

Nadie said...

This could conceivably work in The Greens favour, since the news coverage will probably ensure huge numbers looking it up, including those who either don't watch commercial television, or tune out during the ads.