Tuesday, August 10, 2010

getting there

a lot of 'tweaking' going on - only the most careful inspection would reveal differences between this and the last several versions ... but I know !

I haven't actually given you any specs, but you could probably tell that this will be a reasonably big quilt.
The design brief - such as it was - from my DD was " One of your Japanese one-of-a-kind quilts, purple, teal, navy, with cranes, sashiko, Mount Fuji and a Tori gate"

Unfortunately Mount Fuji declined to be included,
but I think we can safely say that the rest is to code.

Each of the blocks is 6" finished, and there will be a border - understated navy - of 6-8" around what you see here, so ... assuming my maths skills haven't totally deserted me ... that's a finished size of 96" -100" square [ 2.4 -2.5m ] before quilting, to finish an inch or so smaller.

Not that this is remotely close to being finished.

I've only done [ most of ] the blocks.

Still got to join all those squares together.

and while we're on the subject, I can't keep calling this The Wedding Quilt. It needs a name, and I've already used the ones which spring to [my] mind, so I'm open to suggestions.


Leah said...

It's looking great! Ummm, gateway to marriage? Lame, I know.

gayle said...

Love the way the colors shimmer together! Flat-out gorgeous.
I don't know what names you've used up, so can't be any help there...

ozjane said...

looking good my bloomin smarty pants mate...did you not have a Mt Fuji or did he just not want to go in the overall picture?
I could be naughty and suggest a name like, "when the Kimono is at last undone". But I would not do that.
East..West..Love is best. Pure corn for you. Time for bed.

Sheepish Annie said...

It's gorgeous no matter what you call it!