Saturday, August 28, 2010

if you like tiny treasures

this week the Quilting Gallery's mini quilt show is ... appropriately enough ... miniatures
I didn't enter one of mine
instead I submitted one that Nadie made about 10 years ago ... I think it was actually her first ever quilted effort. Unfortunately the photo I have of it doesn't really show the detail properly as a thumbnail so here it is a bit bigger

... and that whole thing is about 5 inches square.


Lindi said...

It's gorgeous! So much work. :) I've entered this week, too.

ozjane said...

obviously a good teacher

catsmum said...

yes i know Lindi - if you check my FB update from this morning you'll notice thatI did mention yours as well - gotta spread the love after all!

catsmum said...

thankyou Ms Jane !

Alwen said...

That's beautiful!

I love things that are tiny.

Marjon said...

And what a beauty it is! I've given my vote to this gorgeous little's the most appealing to me.