Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blacker than Midnight

I will be the first to admit that the recent reportage has been more than a little quilt-centric
so just to prove that there has been a bit of sticks-and-string action as well
I give you [ drum roll ]
the Blacker Than Midnight Brangian

I've been getting such a lot of wear from my lovely grape-y wine-y black trimmed Brangian that I decided to make a second while the pattern was still fresh in my brain.

I thought that I really needed a nice plain black go-with-anything shawl ... although after spending copious amounts of time pulling [ mostly white ] cat and dog hairs - and a few that may have been goat - out of it, maybe not such a bright notion.

Seeing I used the same yarn and needles, the specs are exactly the same as the last one, except that I didn't need to dye the yarn, which is stock standard BWM Luxury in Black from the back room at the Mill.

started August 6 and finished today [ currently blocking on Nadie's bed, well away from any and all animals with white in their coats ]


Donna Lee said...

That's really pretty and practical. I don't think I've ever made anything with black. Not sure why, it's a perfect color for a knock around sweater.

Jan said...

I love Brangian. Bron's done great job on the pattern. Love it so much I nearly cast on for a third today but have gone with larger size Aestlight as a third version of that pattern.

Allison said...

Isn't ambient fur so much fun? Many years ago I bought more and more black for my wardrobe to help conceal all the black cat hairs. Then dear KiKi died and along came SuSu & CJ (white with just a bit of black) and PurrBear, Cougar, Thumper & Pauli (black/tan/silver tabbies) and my black wardrobe gleefully showed every single hair. Sigh.

Lovely shawl. Extra fur just makes it warmer, right?

Northmoon said...

Beautiful shawl!

I too tried the all black wardrobe to go with my two black cats, then adopted a charming orange stray, followed by a calico and a long haired grey cat. Oh well, if anyone critises, they are just looking too closely.

Froufrou said...

Oh... this is lovely... am having a bit of a love affair with knitted shawls at present... though I've only just started my first... making a Sarah Bradberry Comfort Feather and Fan Shawl for Mum as a surprise birthday pressie!

I think I might have to make one of these for me...

Have nephews weddding 1st week in November, and while we're hoping for warmer weather, I think a shawl might be nice for later in the evening.

catsmum said...

hey Frou
I've made a couple of feather-and-fan comfort shawls - I DO like triangular shawls with the paired yarnover increases. You might also like [ apart from Brangian obviously ] the Forest Canopy or the Kiri [ freebie from ]

Rose Red said...

It's just lovely!! I think I need a black lace shawl now too!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Its gorgeous :D

Bells said...

it's amazing. I have a black lace shawl but it's not one I can wear daily. it's too fancy. I need one that's better for daily wear. Next winter.

gayle said...

But is black lace as hard to knit as black cables? I near lost my mind knitting my husband a cabled sweater in black (his color choice.)