Monday, August 23, 2010

no W.O.M.B.A.T.S. allowed **

Now children, are we all sitting comfortably ? good!
because your Aunt Catsmum is going to tell you a story, and as all such tales should, it begins with

Once Upon A Time

back when Microsoft was little more than a gleam in Bill Gates' eye, I read a magazine article about an Alaskan quilter Judy Hopkins and her idea for mystery quilt classes.

I was teaching maybe six or eight - or more - quilt classes a week, and this idea of creating a class project where only the teacher knew the end product ... well ... I just loved that whole concept.
YesI know
I'm a control freak
so what's new?
I began working on some suitable designs:
they needed to have enough steps to keep up interest, no one step should drag on too long [ so no designs that needed 364 right angled triangles all made in one hit ] should not telegraph the result too early, and needed to be finishable within a set class timeframe - usually 12 hours spread over 2 days or nights.
I naively imagined that I could probably come up with about 6
In the end, the tally was more like 30

and so for quite a few years I taught these Mystery Quilt classes about 8 - 10 times a year
It was great fun
Of course, eventually the 'regulars' who did every class were churning out quilt tops faster than they could finish them, AND with the growth of the internet, suddenly there were vast numbers of mystery quilt designs readily available online.

So with these two factors, it seemed like a good time for the MQ Days to evolve into UFO [ unfinished objects ] Days ... and so they did
for several more years
and then I moved up here and they sort of petered out

Until yesterday

so what's changed?
for one thing
my darling daughter has decided to finally bow to the inevitable, and embrace her destiny - or FATE - as a quilter.
So we decided [ well, she suggested and I agreed ] that we needed to reinstate some form of regular get-together, involving quilting of course ... but also knitting, spinning, crochet, embroidery, beading or what-ever-takes-the-fancy.

to be known henceforth and forever as WIP Days [ Works In Progress ]and, if nothing else, I figured it'd give Nadie and I yet another mother-daughter bonding activity

and so it came to pass that the word was spread and yesterday morning the cars began to arrive from all points of the compass
platters of food appeared in my kitchen
and wonderful projects were unveiled ... knitting, patchwork, applique, and beading all had their moment in the sun
many cups of tea were made and enjoyedgood food
good friends
good conversation
a modicum of actual productivity
Sheepie was reunited with a long lost sibling

and Nadie was initiated into the mysterious sisterhood of Textile Mavens

and of course we're going to do it all again next month

** WOMBAT = waste of money, brains and time


lisette said...

oh my goodness the wedding quilt is so big - i hadn't processed the size of it - and it's gorgeous! hope i can get to the next wip day

ozjane said...

it sounds great......I hope I have a rain check for next month although with my luck it will be on our quilt in or something.....but I braved the garden for photos today, then after dealing with an almost smelly wombat I got very brave and went over to the shop...the one that I could walk to in 5 mins if I could. Over the back fence and the oval. But at least I scored some goodies.

Sheepish Annie said...

That is fabulous!!! I love it when the youngsters finally come around to embracing destiny, especially when it is of a fiber-y nature!

Doris Sturm said...

What a fun story! I wish I could participate!

colleen said...

Sounds like a great fun day. great story!!